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{favorites} baby items for 9-12 months

I know this post is a little late - as Ellie is already 15 months but I sure do love going back through and seeing what items we really used a lot. I know that when we adopt baby #2 these posts will come in extremely handy!  
9-12 month favorites

9-12 month favorites by lifeonthefarm on Polyvore

1. Baby moccasins from Freshly Picked. Choose any color you like these ones are the best! The craftsmanship is axing and the leather is so super soft not to mention these babies last for a lot of miles!! And the footprint the create on the sole is the sweetest. 

2. Nuby sippy cups. I have to admit I was going to be pretty particular when it came to sippy cups. I wanted ones that had a leakproof nipple and these were the best I could find. They do leak on occasion and you need to put the lid on correctly but we love these and more importantly so does Ellie. The caps are interchangeable with the bottoms so you can make any color combo you wish - right now we love the "watermelon" and the "Sounders" colors. The best part is that it seems like TJMaxx and Marshall's always have these in stock!

3. The Ergo Carrier. I got mine used through an iPhone app and just love it. Ellie does too! Even though she is starting to be on the move it's so nice to have a carrier on hand. This one is super easy to put on, helps with proper hip position development, and really helps to distribute Ellie's weight. Plus she gets so comfortable she sleeps in it and I love how I can put the privacy hood up to make it a little darker for her. 

4. Our three in one Exersaucer continues to get more use. Now that Ellie is standing with assistance better and started cruising we were able to take this off the base and open it up so she could get even more use out of it. She now how a whole new way of discovering all the bells and whistles this one has to offer!

5. The Circo straw cups from Target. Wow are these things great. The straw has a one way valve in it to help prevent leaking and really helped Ellie learn how to suck. This is a daily user with water and the animal tops are so cute!

6. Now that Ellie is sleeping in her own room (mostly) the Motorla video monitor is a sanity saver for my neurotic ways! I love that I can pan and scan the room/crib to see her, that it has both day and night vision and that it has two way communication - not that we use it now but I can see the benefits when she gets older!

7. The Jenny Lind crib. I love the vintage look and how the mattress has so many levels it can be adjusted to. I also love how the side rails are both the se height so you really can place this crib anywhere in the nursery - not just against a wall!

8. Amber Teething necklaces. Aside from it being a cute accessory it is thought to have natural pain relieving properties from the oils found in the amber that get released through skin contact and heat. For best results you want to have your little wear it practically 24/7 aside from baths. I was nervous at first having Ellie sleep with it on but now barely bat an eye at it!  You also want to make sure you clean it periodically with a soft rag andild soapy water and then let it "recharge" in the sun for about an hour. 

I really hope this list is helpful to you Mama's out there who have kiddos approaching this age. They truly are a blessing and so much fun!!

♥ Ashley

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