Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Meals Mashup

Monday Meals Mashup

Its Monday again!! While I am on Summer Break (which might end up being a little longer as I am currently unemployed - again) every day is like a Saturday.  

Speaking of Saturday lets talk about our weekend!
Friday was our 6th wedding anniversary and we celebrated by going out to dinner and picking up some flowers at a local farm store (and got Ellie the cutest onesie) - post to come soon!
Saturday was pretty laid back - it was hot so we didn't do too much just worked around the farm. We got our veg garden weeded and cleaned the last section to add in some onion starts I picked up.  And also I have a confession - My name is Ashley Parsons and I am addicted to buying plants and I have a wonderful husband who supports my addiction...
Sunday we helped in the nursery - Ellie will be moving into the Toddler Room next month and we requested to move with her!  Then we came home and Thomas built another compost bin back in the horse area (for all the poop) and cleaned up the horse paddock.  We filled up Ellie's pool and she had a nice swim.  Then I combined a few different Gazpacho recipes I found.  It was pretty good - mostly tasted like I was just eating salsa with a maybe there is room for improvement!

Here's whats cookin' this week on the farm:

Monday - Its supposed to be in the 90's today so we are keeping it outside with some BBQ chicken and potatoes!
Tuesday - our garden is producing a bunch of the right ingredients and I got a free container of Feta cheese at our supermarket so that is calling my name (and also I love me some greek food!)
Wednesday - we had a ton of Indian leftovers so we are carrying this meal over from last week.
Thursday - we have an awesome neighbor who is a great fisher and he dropped off some fresh Tuna so I am going to research how to make it!!
Friday - what is a week without pasta? we have a ton of stuff in our pantry so we are hoping to use that up!
Saturday - lets get out and go somewhere, not sure where yet but I know its going to be good!
Sunday - in keeping with the theme of eating what we have Chicken Paillard is making another appearance!

So what are you cooking up this week? I would love to know!

♥ Ashley


  1. I looooove dinner ideas! Grilling is the best in the summer! It's even better for me because Eric does the grilling so it's one less thing I have to do, HA!

  2. Love that chalkboard menu! I, too, loooove plants... I'm bummed because moving companies apparently don't move them! Not sure what's going to happen to them all when we relocate to Alabama?


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