Monday, August 25, 2014

Toddler Tuesday - with me

Hey ladies! I finally have the opportunity to write a post for my own series!!

I really hope that y'all are loving this as much as I do! It's been so great to read these posts from the mama's who have gone before and to have learned from their expertise!

Today I wanted to talk about how we transitioned from bottle to sippy cup and/or straw cup. 

At first I didn't think we were ever going to be able to get rid of the bottles. We first introduced a sippy when Ellie was around 10 months old. We just put water in at first and she hated it. So then we tried her formula and she hated it even more!!!!!!  We still continued to offer it to her despite the tears. 

Then around 11 months we got a straw cup and after showing her three times how to suck out of the straw she was hooked!  No more tears! We only offered it occasionally since she was still mostly drinking her formula fr her bottle. 

At our 12 month check up our doctor told us it was time to transition to whole milk and to a sippy cup. The sooner the better to help with her teeth.  He suggested going cold turkey with the sippy and to take no longer than two weeks to switch to milk. He said the first few days might be challenging but then she will be just fine.

We decided to slowly transition her to milk and after about a week she got used to the cold milk and the taste and was just fine. 

When we returned home from our trip to Europe it was time to kick the bottle and bring out the sippy. The doc was not lying the first 24 hours were extremely testing. I almost caved in about four times but stuck to my guns and kept at it. By lunchtime the second day we were on to smooth sailing. On the morning of day three I finally got to pack up all the bottles - hallelujah!!' I have been dreaming of that day since she was about a week old! Haha. We loved out bottles but they just had so many parts to clean!

We use the Nuby sippy cups and the Circo straw cups from Target. 

She also gets to share drinks with us when we are out and about or go to dinner since she is so good with a straw!

My advice to Mama's who are getting ready for this transition: you can do it. It might be tough for the first couple of days but once they figure it out there is no turning back and you will be so proud of your accomplishment! 


Do you love this series like I do? Want to contribute a post about your life with a toddler? I would love to have you! Just send me an email or leave a comment and I will get you on the schedule!!


  1. Yay for no bottles!!!! It was a hard transition for us, too .... But so worth it!!! Xo

  2. I think straw cups are totally the way to go! Although some I swear have as many parts if not more than those bottles haha!


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