Thursday, August 21, 2014

{monthdate} fifteen months

Wow. Is it really true that another month has gone by already!?

This has been my favorite month so far! Ellie has quite the little personality and is pretty smart too!  Every day she amazes me with yet another new skill or talent. She is so much fun and just the biggest little love!

Eats: Ellie is definitely letting us know what she does and does not like to eat. We are officially off the bottle and she drinks around 20ounces of milk plus water every day. We introduced food pouches and so far we haven't found one she dislikes! Favorites right now are bread, pasta, Cheerios, peas, beans, blueberries, fishy crackers, string cheese, yogurt, and corn.  She is not a fan of meat or mushrooms. Ellie eats most if not all of her meals in her high chair and I love having her go out to dinner with us every week!

Goes: we have been crossing activities off our Summer Bucket List like crazy!  We have gone to NW Trek (a wildlife preserve), the childrens museum, the splash pad, parks, sprinklers and pony rides!! Ellie also got to go to her third wedding this month but this time she got to walk around and "dance"! 

Does: can now self soothe herself to sleep for both naps and nighttime sleep, we no longer need to rock her to sleep! It was rough in the beginning but now have a fairly good routine down and even have a sleep schedule! She walks all around the house and can play with her toys, she even know what some of them are called and will go get or play with them if we tell her! She is quite adventurous and dangerous at times trying to climb on everything!! Pretty good at self play and will go into her room all by herself to play with room toys and books for at least 15 minutes!

Loves: sticks and rocks. She loves her teepee, anywhere chair, a shopping bag toy, and just fell in love with all her stuffed animals carrying one all around the house and then grabbing another! So cute. She also loves books and shoes! Outside is a favorite and she cries if one of us goes outside without her! She loves to help with the farm chores riding around in her wagon or chasing after the goats!

Baby Gear Love: ergo, Solly Baby Wrap, FP moccs, Britax Boulevard car seat, and baby monitor!

We have had lots of adventures and I can't wait to see what happens in the next month!  I just adore watching her walk around and explore and listen to her baby babble!! 

Sweet Ellie Faith oh how I love you so!

- Ashley

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