Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

What a whirlwind of a week.  Sorry for the late post. 

Thomas started up with the beginning of the school year meetings (school starts next week!). And seeing as I don't have a job for this year I had the opportunity to SAHM it up and let me tell you - I don't want to leave Ellie!!! 

The breaks are one of the major perks to being a teacher and let me tell you we work hard for those breaks (and don't get paid for them either)!  And most of the time we are preparing and planning during these breaks for our classes and students. 

Summer is such a tease to us teacher parents. We get to have this 10 week plus long vacation home with our family and then BOOM it's time to go back to work for 8 hours and then daycare or a nanny for our babes if they aren't school age yet. Talk about a change in routine and it is anything but a slow transition!

I have had the opportunity to do a lot of self reflection during this break. 

First off I don't want to leave Ellie anymore - so unless a position comes along and it's a teaching opportunity I just can't pass up we are going to be pinching some major pennies and I will be staying home with E!  But seeing as how we have a bunch of medical bills to pay (for my last miscarriage almost a year ago, a few trips to the urgent care for Ellie, and then my migraine appt that was barley half covered) I need to bring in some sort of revenue for our family. With talking to some friends I am seriously looking into becoming a nanny! That way I can be with Ellie and she can get some socialization! Hopefully I'll be able to find a teacher looking for a nanny since I will get to have all the "vacation perks" still. All I know is that God has a plan and has continued to help provide for our family! He knows best and I need to continue to put my trust in Him. 

Secondly I read this awesome post a couple of weeks ago about how Hurt People hurt people and it really spoke to me. I realized that I have been holding on to some things and most likely have been taking my hurt out on other people.  Instead of wallowing in my 4 miscarriages, 5 years of Infertility, instability in my employment, and the death of my mom I am choosing to start fresh and anew. I am choosing to be happy for all of the pregnancy announcements happening all over my FB and the blog world instead of jealous. I am rejoicing in my friends finding jobs and getting their promotions and those who are getting to share their journey of parenthood with their own moms. I'm not perfect and I know I won't be a fresh daisy everyday but I want to set a good example for Ellie and raise her up to be a nice, happy, good and thankful person. After all bullies and mean girls have to get it from somewhere. 

And Finally, I am sad that summer is almost gone but I like to embrace the changes and coming of Fall. Afterall it marks the beginning of the holiday season!  

PS. Make sure you check back next week I have some great things lined up for my readers to celebrate Fall and Kiddos that you aren't going to want to miss. I'll give you a hint one of them has to do with "FP"!!! I'm so excited!



  1. Have you ever read the book 1,000 gifts? I can't remember if I've mentioned it to you before. It certainly changed my attitude right quick. She basically talks about what you're saying. Choosing thankfulness over jealousy or bitterness or anything else that is always my default. You should definitely give it a read if you have a chance :)

  2. I hope you find the right way to bring in some extra income so you can stay home with Ellie. It is seriously the hardest job I've ever had (and I worked my way up to upper-middle mgt in my career before Callie) BUT it's so important. I know you'll enjoy the time you've got and I hope that you can continue to make it work for your family!


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