Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer Days

At the beginning of our summer break I created a bucket list of activities (and home improvements) that I wanted to check off before the end of summer. I have to say that we have done a pretty darn good job, too. 

Fabric leaf pit

Last week we went to our local childrens museum.  One thing I love about it is that it is by donation admission. It's a great way to include everyone in any situation to be able to offer children a great experience (especially since most of our other attractions - zoos, wildlife reserve, etc. are nearly $20 a person!). 

she really is happy in this photo I promise!

It was super fun and Ellie had a blast. She basically got to go just about anywhere she wanted (and touch whatever she wanted) which is not something she gets to do on a normal basis. Since she is still a little wobbly and can't navigate stairs very well I was a bit of a helicopter mom. Following her everywhere and helping her with certain things. The best part was watching her independence though. She also loved watching the older kids trying to figure out what they were doing and just letting it all sink in!

Girlfriend loves her some water!!

We are excited to return again in the future - when Ellie is a little more sturdy to really be able to enjoy all the museum has to offer. 

What sort of fun things have you done this summer?



  1. Is that the Tacoma Children's museum?! It looks exactly like the one I visited! Looks like she had a blast and the water room is awesome!!! Callie was about Ellie's age when I took her and she had just as much fun watching the older kids as she did playing with the exhibits! So fun!

  2. Fabric leaf pit... AWESOME! Fall fun all year round :).

  3. That museum sounds so ahhhhh-mazing for kiddos! It's so nice for them to be able to wabble around in a safe environment just so they can explore everything. You're right, the admission price to most places is quite ridiculous so it's nice it is donation based. Looks like ya'll had an amazing time!

  4. The fabric leaf pit is awesome! Love it! Cute pictures!!

  5. I love children's museums! I wish ours was closer! Super nice that it is donations based. I love that leaf pit. I want one!

  6. Aw this looks so fun!! That will be such a fun place to visit over and over again.


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