Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish ListChristmas is fast approaching and I have to get my list together.  Its funny that as you get older it seems to be more difficult to put things on your list or most of it is house related.  I remember thinking it was so funny how my mom always asked for parchment paper, dish towels and other home related things.  Now, after becoming a home owner and getting married I totally understand.  There are always new cooking tools and gadgets that just need to get into my kitchen.  Also, working with High Schooler's I feel a need to stay on top of my fashion trends while still being true to myself.  I am grateful for their daily inspiration and reminders that I am getting old!!  Now this is just my Christmas WISHlist.  I am sure there are a multitude of other things I would like but this is a good starting point.

1. I am in love with Toms.  I only have one pair - grey and I am hoping for another pair that is a little more daring. I love polka dots so these seem perfect.  Although I am not too particular stripes, animal print, or a bold color will do as well.

2. While I know I will NOT be getting this, a MacBook, I would love to get some gift cards to help me on my way.  I loved my Mac I had at my previous employer and miss it so much.

3. This is not the particular one I want, I am actually hoping to get one from Bip and Bop on Etsy.  A personalized one for my sweet Ellie Faith and a May (Emerald) Birthstone.

4. I think a nice structured Pea Coat is always fashionable for the Fall and Winter Seasons.  I would prefer one with a hood (I saw a great Navy one at JC Penney of all places)

5. Glass storage containers are where its at! So much safer than the plastic alternative.  There is a great deal on them at Costco right now.

6. Kuhn Rikon are my go to knives.  They seem to stay sharper than the ones I have in my block and they can go in the dishwasher - WIN!!!

7. Now that I am on a prepping Ellie's baby food kick, I have heard nothing but great things about these Tovolo ice cube trays.  These are a must.

What is on your list this year?

♥ Ashley

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  1. I just discovered a hole in my one pair of brown Toms this week! WAH!! Guess I need to put a new pair on my list now too.

    Sharp knives that can go in the dishwasher?! Sign me up!


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