Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{weekly update} week 26

Best news ever!! My post last week was featured on "Tell Us Tuesday" link up!!

I've Been Featured

I can't believe that yet another week has gone by!  This one went super fast and we are just one week away from our second holiday of the season,  with our sweet Ellie Faith, Thanksgiving!!!! Oh the fun things we will do.  But before we can get to that here is whats been going on with Ellie.

Diet: Dear little one is still totally in love with her bottle.  She gets so excited when we have it ready to go and are carrying her to the couch (that's currently where she eats) with it - she grabs for it and tries putting it in her mouth.  She is getting more used to eating solid foods and eats in her walker or on the couch (gotta kick that habit!).  So far she has had Peas and Broccoli.  I got an avocado for her to try next so hopefully that goes well today!

Crying: We have had a few more instances of this Sweet Little crying.  But she is super easy to calm down.  Again she usually gets fussy when overtired or when she wakes up hungry.  Again, she really is a sweetheart!

Sleep: Doing pretty good in this department as well.  We have had a few off nights/days but we seem to be back to normal.  Thinking that pretty soon we will move her into her own room, she is starting to outgrow the bassinet!

Clothes: Little Miss E is still rocking the 3-6 month sized clothes. I absolutely adore the outfit she is in today for her weekly photo shoot!  I am just dying over those leopard pants - do they make them in my size?  We have also been stocking up on Christmas wear and she is going to be the cutest little elf, or reindeer, or Santa or holiday mouse...

Social: Ellie went on her first outing with Miss J to the church nursery on Thursday and made a little friend.  I love that she is going to learn some more socialization and sharing!!  E also went to the Junk Show with me and Nanny, to the Mall, to Church on Sunday and got to spend some time with her Grandpa (my daddy)!!!  I think we found out where we are going to take her Santa picture at too!!  She is just the sweetest little thing.

Baby Gear Love: EF is loving her Exersaucer even more as well as her walker.  She has a lot of fun with her play mat and all of her toys.  I love using these spoons while feeding her and this necklace is quite the trick to her teething pain.

Milestones: First outing with Miss J.  Supporting herself up on her arms (maybe she will crawl after all!) Laughing in response to us laughing (copying) and that tooth is almost out!!  She also pulls herself up to standing using our fingers with her hands (we probably help a little bit)

Mama: I got to spend the day at home with Ellie because Miss J had a family thing.  We just had a total blast! I loved it so much and can't wait for Christmas break and then Summer!!  Maybe I can do this whole Stay at home Mama stuff - if we could afford it of course!!

Dearest Ellie Faith, I just love you so much and you bring so much love and joy into my life.  I can't imagine what it would be like without you and you are a complete gem!!  I thank the Lord for you everyday.

♥ Ashley

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  1. I found your blog from the Girl Mom series and Ellie is such a cutie! I love the little owl (I think?) hooded jacket! Glad to hear she's enjoying solids! Real food is so much fun (well it was for us). Keep up the great work mama she seems like a happy little girl!


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