Saturday, November 23, 2013

National Adoption Day

November is Adoption Awareness Month and today is National Adoption Day. 

This celebration hits close to home because our daughter is adopted. I can say first hand that adoption is an amazing thing. The birth moms who make this decision are so incredibly strong and giving. I can't imagine carrying a baby around growing in your tummy for 9 months and to then give that precious baby to some random people to raise as their own. 

There is actually a lot more that goes into it. The adoptive parents have to go through a ton of training and preparation and the birth mom has counseling. If you have an open adoption you meet the birth mom several times and create a relationship with her. Then she gives you the gift of parenthood and a tiny baby to love and cherish. It's a life long bond and relationship that works. The love you get for this baby is crazy. 

I can't imagine life without my daughter and I wouldn't have her if adoption wasn't an option. 



  1. Ashley, your daughter is such a beautiful blessing! I'm so glad this option was available for you. It is something I'm considering as we near the end of the road for IVF treatments.

  2. Hey Ash, I hope I'm not being a pest. I emailed you after you guest posted on Erinn's blog- I'm hoping to hear from you soon :) I have so many questions and so much I want to talk with you about!

  3. Adoption is such an amazing blessing! I have so many friends and family that have grown their families through adoption. :)


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