Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{weekly update} week 24

My sweet Ellie Faith is 24 weeks old! I can't believe how much she has grown even in this past week!!  What a fun filled week we had with our first holiday of the season!!  Girlfriend has just been loving life and exploring like crazy.

Diet: Ellie is eating solids!! They aren't replacing any of her meals really yet and she does love the comfort of the bottle. So far she eats rice cereal and peas. I actually made her peas from the ones we grew in our garden!! It wasn't that hard to do so I think that making her food is definitely something I can keep up! She has eaten in the high chair a couple times but is more successful when I hold her. I also learned that she likes the peas better when mixed with the rice cereal. Soon we should be in the high chair!

Sleep: I think my little baby girl has created a nap time. The past two weeks she has been sleeping in the 8am to 2pm block. Usually about 3.5 hours. Of course I am at work during this time and the on the weekends she is so excited that we are both home she doesn't want to miss a thing! (So no long naps). And the we have been a little off at nighttime sleep with 2:30am wake ups. Though the past two nights she has slept through (almost 10 hours!). She is still sleeping in our room in the bassinet. (She has been there much longer than anticipated, but as we are still waiting to purchase a baby monitor she's going to stay in there with us)

Crying: Seriously could we have a better baby? She cries when overly tired, hungry, or when her teeth are bugging her. 

Clothes: I have officially put away all of her newborn onesies and pants. (Sad face). We are now in 3-6 months clothes, some 0-3 still but we have a lot of cute things in this next size I want to make sure she wears!

Social: EF went to Red Robin and ended the meal on my lap. She also went to her Nannys house and was learning how to "bake" lol.  She also has been such a little love with Miss J!  Ellie went to a full church service, she talked during the sermon and the fell asleep during communion ad stayed asleep through the loud worship music!

Baby Gear Love: Girlfriend loves to race around the kitchen in her Pink Princess Walker and her Exersaucer is still a big hit, she can now reach all the toys and loves to jump in it!  She also likes to look at herself in mirrors. All of her toys we have for her are being used so much more and she is really starting to interact with them!  She also has taken a liking to this silly toy that sings songs in silly voices when you press their tummy, their mouths move too! And of course the puppies. 

Milestones: Little Miss E had her first vegetable, peas. She loves to sit up and play. Standing with assistance is always fun and she loves to "fly" over us. She also rolls from tummy to back. She celebrated her 1st Halloween. And sat in her high chair for some solid food eating. Ellie also took her first selfie!

Mama: Things are going well. I think my body is fully recovered from my latest miscarriage and I am starting to feel much better. Little Pie has been so much fun and really brings me so much joy!  I am preparing myself for my first overnight away from her this coming weekend. I am going to make it, somehow.... Haha. 

Ellie Faith you truly are the light of my life and you are in such a fun life stage exploring and discovering your world. I am in absolute love. I so enjoy your loves and cuddles and your cute little "hugs" you give me. 



  1. Wow I can't believe she is that old! How is life as new mom?

  2. 10 hours of sleep?! That is amazing!


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