Friday, December 20, 2013

5 on Friday

Back to joining Darci for her Five on Friday posts.  We had a spectacular week and I just know the one coming up will be awesome!!


I hosted my annual Ladies Christmas Tea last Saturday. Fun was had and good food went in our bellies. Ellie had a great time, so much so she fell asleep sitting on the couch!!


Christmas shopping is almost done. Now it's time to start wrapping presents. I love wrapping presents bit sometimes the paper is so expensive. So I use what I have and wrap with our paper grocery bags so I can have brown paper packages under my tree!! I don't know hy but Christmas totally snuck up on me this year, must have been the late Thanksgiving. 


I know this is Ellie's first year of life so everything is a first for her at this point. But she got to attend her first tea party last weekend and this weekend she is participating in another one of our holiday traditions; a "Christmas" play/musical!  We are going to see Scrooge. I know she won't comprehend much but we are willing to step out into the lobby if we need to.  She also got to see the "Big Guy", Santa Claus!!


My Christmas vacation is starting a day early due to snow in our area. I'm thinking I might get our little nugget bundled up and make a snowman!! Our husky, Sakari, is in love with the snow and refuses to come in the house!


If you read my previous post, today is the last day to order a bracelet from Chavez for Charity to arrive in time for Christmas. They start at $10 a bracelet and a portion of the proceeds goes to charity! What a great way to give back when you give a gift!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Newest follower!!! What a sweet girl you have!! And love that you live on a farm, so fun! :)


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