Tuesday, December 3, 2013

{weekly update} week 28

Oh me, oh my another week has gone by!  What a sweet little blessing our darling Ellie Faith is!  We had a fantastic week and thoroughly enjoyed our Thanksgiving with our sweetie.  This past week was SUPER busy and our baby girl was a total trooper and just went along for the ride!!

Diet: Girlfriend tried sweet potatoes on Wednesday and HATED them!  I tried again on Thanksgiving just to make sure it wasn't because she had just had FIVE shots at the doctors.  Nope, she thought they were so bad she gagged!  But she still loves her peas, broccoli, and rice cereal.  She totally knows what a bottle is now and will try to grab it from our hands to put in her mouth when we are carrying the two together.  It really is the cutest thing.  She also watches us eat now and is pretty excited about the whole idea.  She is eating on average 28 ounces a day.

Sleep: Actually our little one is a great sleeper. She goes for about 8-10 hours at night with her usual 2 1/2-3 hour morning nap and then a few cat naps in the late afternoon.  The best thing about her is she is an excellent sleeper.  She sleeps in the car, during worship music at church, in restaurants and out shopping!!  I am so thankful that she can fall asleep anywhere because I didn't want to be one of those families that are tied to being home during nap time because their kids can't sleep anywhere else.  We are so fortunate that she has such a great personality!

Crying: Again not too bad.  Obviously she gets upset when super tired or hungry.  We have had a few whimper moments but she is easily distracted at this point.  Ellie is truly a joy.

Clothes: We are pulling out all of our stocked up Christmas apparel in sizes 3-6 month.  A few of her things are the 6-12 or the 9-12 that sort of fit.  I am so excited to get her ready for Santa pictures, just need to find some festive headbands - off to etsy.com I go!!

Social: Busy busy girl.  Ellie Faith had her 6 month check up (doctor said she has thighs of thunder and can probably kick us across the room!!) with 5 shots - poor thing.  She gained weight but didn't grow at all in her height/length.  Our little shortie and I love it! EF went to Thanksgiving at Thomas' parents house and sat at the table with us in her high chair.  I think she loved being a part of the table.  We are going to start working/practicing that this week!  Then we went on a mini overnight vaca to Vancouver, BC with my MIL.  We had a great time shopping and seeing the sights and going to our fave places (we try to make it there once a year).  It was so fun taking her on a trip with us and she was AMAZING.  She didn't get too fussy with our "on the go" schedule and ate wherever she needed to.  Most of her time was spend in the Ergo and she slept quite a bit in there.  I just love that special time we get to have when I carry her.  When we got home we got to relax for a bit and then the next day we were up in Seattle for a Surprise Birthday dinner!!

Baby Gear Love: This week is was definitely the Ergo, car seat and our umbrella stroller.  She also loves mirrors and Sofie, and this crinkly tag toy we got at Sugar Babies.

Milestones: Celebrated her first Thanksgiving.  Went on her first trip out of state and country.  She is starting to be able to balance on all fours! Loves to help self feed and is really good at moving her arms.  She also stands with slight assistance and stood for about 5 seconds all on her own yesterday!!

Mama:  I am doing good.  I had a great time on vacation and sight seeing/shopping.  This season really is getting me so excited for Christmas!  I feel like I am in a really good place right now and am super happy!

I have enjoyed this week so much.  I loved spending time with my little one and taking her on a vacation! She is so much fun and super interactive.  Ellie has the best little personality and is the light of my life.

♥ Ashley


  1. what a cutie! seems like such a happy little baby! I LOVE that plaid ruffle skirt - so sweet! I'm a huge fan of the ergo - I used it a few weeks ago with my 18mo old!

  2. Aw, what a doll! And she has one of those giraffes that are so popular! I got one for my niece and she loves it. You make being a mommy look wonderful! I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant with my first and I can't wait. Anyway saw you pop up on Instagram and just wanted to come by and say hi and happy holidays!


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