Tuesday, December 17, 2013

{weekly update} week 30

I cannot believe that Little Miss Ellie is already 30 weeks old!!  The time is just flying by and we are enjoying every moment!  Next week will be Ellie's FIRST Christmas and we are busy preparing ourselves for this wonderful event.  This whole month has been super busy and our little angel has been a total trooper!!

Diet: EF has been a hungry girl this week.  She has upped her formula consumption to nearly 30 ounces each day in addition to her "solid" foods.  She is eating Rice Cereal, Beans, Peas, Yams and Broccoli.  I got some butternut squash at Costco and am planning on making that for her as well.  I think she might be ready to start trying "puffs".

Sleep: This past weekend was a little crazy busy so her sleep schedule got a little off, though you would never know it.  She is still sleeping close to 10 hours at night and then her naps during the day.  Usually she gets a good 2.5-3 hour nap in the morning but she has started to take to just a bunch of cat naps.  Hopefully she will go back to her long naps pretty soon!

Crying: She is really good.  There are moments when her teeth are really bugging her but mostly she is a  happy baby!!

Clothes: We "ran out" of diapers so we headed out to Costco to get more.  We decided that since there are so many in the box we would move her up to size 3 diapers.  Clothes are still 3-6 month though some are getting a little small on her.

Social: Busy girl!! Ellie got to go to church again with Miss J for an hour and meet some new kiddos.  She attended her first Tea Party (at our farm). She went to church on Sunday and then to the Mall to meet SANTA!!! Move over best friend baby in the mirror there's a new guy in town and his name is Santa!! lol she loved him.

Baby Gear Love: Our umbrella stroller, Ergo, walker, exersaucer and Sophie are all on the top of the list right now.  We also gave Ellie one of our silicone pastry brushes and she LOVES it - we have to keep an eye on her with it though since she "bites" it.

Milestones: Ellie has TWO teeth, the left central incisor cut through on Friday!  She met Santa.  Is super close to crawling.  And I meant to write this last week but she puts her arms up when she wants us to pick her up! It is so cute.  She also really loves her baths. She also is being quite vocal and has started to fake cough - its adorable!

Mama: I am getting so excited to host Christmas Eve at our house next week and getting all ready for that.  I had an awesome time at the Tea Party and am just so happy that Ellie gets to be a part of all this.  I am feeling pretty good and I think my body is FINALLY getting itself back together after my miscarriage.  I have been thinking about my Momala a lot as well and miss her dearly, but I know she is looking down at us from Heaven with a smile!

Sweet Ellie Faith, you are just the best baby and I love watching you grow and explore.  I am so blessed to have you and you are the perfect baby!  I love you!

♥ Ashley

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