Monday, December 9, 2013

Recap of the Weekend

Wow we had a SUPER cold weekend here in the greater Seattle area, with temps below freezing. 

There are good things and bad things about freezing temperatures on a farm.  The nice part is that the ground is frozen back where our horses are so they aren't walking and standing around in a bunch of ankle deep mud.  The bad thing is that water troughs are freezing (and our chicken water does too).  So each morning we are hand carting buckets of hot water to thaw for the daytime.  Also we can't really scoop up any muck (poop) since it is frozen to the ground as well.  We do have a water heater for our Horses water but the goats and chickens need hot water brought out to them.  I think that we will invest in a water heater for the goats here pretty soon. 

Talking about the farm animals, I have had to purchase 3 cartons of chicken eggs the past couple of months, our chickens have stopped laying.  I am hoping they will pick up again in the spring time otherwise we are going to have to bring in a new flock (we will keep the old girls too, so no worries there!)

Okay back to the title of this post:

Friday we celebrated our 7 engagement day anniversary (or engagementiversary).  We went out for Mexican food with Thomas' parents (only fitting as they were present when he proposed) and then headed home to watch "White Christmas" we went to the musical the night Thomas proposed so it is a tradition of ours (I fell asleep for the last 10 minutes, oops!).  You might also know (if you have read my infertility journey page) that this day also marks the day that we officially "lost" our first pregnancy by way of an ectopic rupture repair surgery.  So this day is bittersweet for us, we CHOOSE to focus on our engagementiversary on December 6th but that doesn't mean we forget our loss.

Saturday I had a great time with my soon to be sister-in-law heading out to a cute little tea place/gift shop and having some much needed bonding time.  While I was out, Thomas took advantage of the clear weather (freezing as it was) to put up our Christmas lights on the outside of our house.  I got some red lights on clearance after Christmas last year to go on our 3 trees out front and we got those up as well.  We have a pair of light up reindeer for our yard that we got as hand me downs, and this year the lights on the body of one have gone out so we have a floating reindeer head!  Then for dinner we headed over to Thomas' parents for dinner.

Sunday we volunteered in the church nursery then headed up to Seattle for some Dim Sum with my dad, sister and her husband.  We love to go to House of Hong for this.  Dim Sum is like Chinese hors d'oeuvres that they bring around on little carts.  There are some strange things that you can eat but we pretty much get the same stuff each time.  If you haven't been before I really recommend it.  Try the shumai, shrimp ball, and the vegetable noodle.  They might look a little strange but they are SO GOOD.  After Dim Sum we went to Trinity Tree Farm so that Ellie could experience going to pick out and cut down your own tree.  It was a lovely place with a cute gift shop and not too far out of town, but we did have to go up a big winding hill that was only about a car and a half wide so we were THANKFUL it wasn't snowing or icy.  We got all bundled up but were still freezing, I had to take Ellie into the shop to warm up a bit and when I came back out to meet up with the family they were coming back with a tree that my dad picked out for his house.  So Ellie and I missed the whole tree cutting experience. BOO!!!!  Hopefully she will get to see it next year.  (Yes I know she is only 6 months old but I want to show her that she got to do these types of things).  Then we headed home and had a nice relaxing evening.


How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting?

♥ Ashley

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  1. You look so beautiful and happy in that picture. What a sweet moment caught on camera.

    I'm sorry for the anniversary of your loss. It's so hard :(


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