Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Tea Party

For the past four years I have hosted a Ladies Christmas Tea at the farm.  I schedule it for the second Saturday of December each year. I think that's a good time because I have time to decorate and prepare without feeling rushed right out of Thanksgiving and I don't have to worry about Christmas being right around the corner.  I absolutely love it and look forward to it every year. It's a tradition I am so pleased to have Ellie be a part of. 

It's a fairly informal party. I have organized it to be an open house/drop in party. So my guests can come for as long (within reason) or short as they like. Some pop in to say hi while others stay the duration. I love them all.  It's a fun atmosphere and I get to "show off" my house decked out for Christmas!! 

My pantry chalkboard. 

I serve tea. Obviously.  Then also a variety of cookies, desserts, and snacks. I usually make all the food but this year I sourced some of it out to Trader Joes and the grocery store to simplify my life this year. I was the most relaxed for this party, not sure if it's because Trader Joes helped out or if it's because I'm getting the hang of it. 

also have some sort of party favor for each of my guests. It changes from year to year.  This year the favors were these adorable little jars of honey! I just love them. 

On the menu: 
- Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
- Chocolate covered Mint Marshmallows (Trader Joes)
- French Macaroons (Trader Joes)
- Nanaimo Bars (Vancouver, BC)
- Linzer Cookies (made by my MIL)
- Scones; with fresh whipped cream and jam
- Cranberry Rosemary Spread with crackers
- Baked Salami [much bigger hit than expected!!!]
- Rondele the Garlic and Herb variety (from the store)
- Sundried Tomato and Pesto Torte and Pretzle Sticks (Trader Joes)

Recipes will be coming soon. 

Ellie had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed her first tea party!

Do you have any fun holiday party traditions?



  1. I really, really love this party idea!!

    Everything looks wonderful. I love your menu, your decorations, and your favors! All of it!

    I totally want to get on board the macaroon wagon, but every time I read a recipe for them I think NOPE. Ha. Maybe I can buy some :)


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