Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{weekly update} week 29

We have completed our first FULL week of December and the Christmas season!!  So many things have gone on and our sweet little Ellie Faith has grown and changed so much.  My love for her grows more each and every day.  I so enjoy writing up these weekly updates and know how much fun they will be when I go to look back.

Diet: Formula, Rice Cereal and homemade baby food: broccoli, peas, and yams.  I will try the sweet potato again, just not mix it with formula.  I am hoping to make some beans and zucchini this week for her to try as well.  I also saw organic butternut squash already cubed at Costco in the vegetable section so I might purchase that to try something new.

Sleep: Girlfriend is an amazing sleeper.  While we have had a few weird days she is a pro.  She came to visit me at work yesterday (during her nap time) and slept the whole time even though we were passing her from person to person!  She just has the best temperament and we can tell when its time to put her down because she rubs her eyes! We are starting to transition her to sleeping her naps in her crib.  Though she is still sleeping through the night in the bassinet in our room.

Crying: Again not too bad!  Her teeth are starting to come in so she is experiencing some discomfort but generally she is a happy baby.

Clothes: Still wearing the 3-6 months size.  I have purchased a few more items but I am starting to buy up for the next size.  Its hard right now with where the seasons are, I don't want a bunch of Christmas stuff for 6-9 month so its kinda hit or miss, especially since I am shopping the clearance racks.

Baby Gear Love: This week we were in love with the ergo, walker and exersaucer.  Ellie also loves to play with spatula's and measuring cups.  The puppies are a HUGE hit, she loves to watch them and pinch pet them but isn't a huge fan of face kisses.  Her Christmas tree in her room (its silver so more shiny than our green one in the living room)

Social: Baby girl had a big week.  Nanny's on Friday and part of Saturday, the church nursery, out to Dim Sum and a U-Cut Tree Farm on Sunday then to the church nursery and mama's work on Monday.  She absolutely loves being with other kids "her age" and gets sad when they crawl or walk away (hopefully she will start moving here soon!)

Milestones: Ellie cut her first tooth on Friday, her right central incisor and the left one is following closely.  She loves to stand and can hold herself up with a prop (coffee table, exersaucer, or crib rails) she can also pull herself to a standing if she squats down!  She has also been very brave and able to balance herself with only holding on with one hand!  She also got to go to her first tree farm.  She has also gotten more vocal this week and is loving her hands in her mouth.  This morning Ellie made her first attempt to move her arm while on all fours!! Crawling may be in our near future. 

Mama: I am doing well.  I enjoyed celebrating our 7th engagementiversary on Friday and getting closer to our first Christmas with Ellie.  I am also busy planning and preparing for the Ladies Christmas Tea I host every year this coming Saturday.

Sweet sweet Ellie you are such a sweetheart and I love you so much.  I love how interactive you are and that you love to "sing" in the morning.  Sometimes you make such a throaty noise that it makes you cough!  It is just the cutest thing!  

♥ Ashley


  1. She's an adorable girl! I love her hair! My daughter's hair is a little too fine for bows and I can't wait until it finishes coming in.

  2. My gosh, she is ADORABLE!!! New follower here :)

  3. Thanks Brooke for following!!! She is a total cutie! we certainly got lucky. Thank you for your kind words!


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