Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Happy belated Thanksgiving!! We had the most spectacular time this past weekend! I hope you all had a fabulous time and have bellies full of turkey and pie.

On Wednesday, I had a half day at work and then it was straight to Ellie's dr. appt. she is doing well and is a healthy girl. When we got home I started making pies for Thanksgiving dessert (I'm kinda the dessert girl in my married family). I made a Vanilla Maple Pumpkin Pie and a Cranpple Crumb Pie. My pie crusts were a success.  Pie crusts are tricky but the more you make them the better you get, so I make pies often. (Actually it was my New Years resolution to make Thomas a pie each month-I think I only missed one month!)

Thursday we had a lovely morning at home enjoying our little nugget and relaxing before the "storm" of our soon to be whirlwind weekend. Dinner was at the in-laws this year and boy was it yummy. I have a hard time choosing between green bean casserole and stuffing or do you call it dressing? We had some great family time and just conversing with each other.   Ellie sat at the table in her high chair and I think fully enjoyed the holiday (minus sweet potatoes-she gagged). 

Friday we were up and at 'em early to head up to Vancouver, BC. Ellie's first trip out of the country, and state for that matter. We arrived around 10am and went straight to Granville Island to check out the market. From there we had lunch at our fave Italian restaurant Trattoria Italian Kitchen and Ellie slept through the meal. 

     Off for more shopping on Granville Street to check out some fave shops, Peridot and Chapters bookstore among others. We got free parking in the garage because a lady gave us her paid ticket as she left to take her spot!! They pay it forward in Canada too. 

     Once we were done shopping we headed to our hotel, the Executive Hotel Vintage Park to check in, give Ellie some play time and get ready for dinner. The hotel was lovely and Ellie was so happy to be out of the ergo and stroller. She ate and played for about 2 hours and then it was time to head out to dinner. We ate at Red Robin and the place was packed. Once again Ellie slept through the meal. Back to the hotel to stay in for the night. 

Saturday morning was a little later than the day before, thank goodness.  We made a stop at our fave coffee place, Delany's.  Then shopping on Robson. Roots is a must stop as are Zara and TNA. Then we also spent some time at Saje, a natural store. I am in love with this store and the sweet people who work there. They are so kind a knowledgeable, I wish they had a store in the US, preferably next to my house. We got some great products from there and I am looking into getting more online. 

   Once we made our purchases on Robson we decided it was time to head back home. The weather was raining so we really weren't interested in being outside much longer.  We made it through the border in record time. Ate lunner at Bobs Burgers in Birch Bay and were home by 7pm!!

On Sunday we headed up to Seattle to go to a Surprise Birthday party for Thomas' Aunt at The Spaghetti Factory. Boy was she surprised. She got all teary and was so happy we all came out to celebrate her. It was another great excuse to all get together during the holiday season!

All in all we had a great holiday and Ellie was a STAR traveler. Just the sweetest and best girl. I will have more info on what to bring for an overnight road trip for a 6 month old. As well as a funny story about the elevators in the hotel. Stay tuned you won't want to miss this! 


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