Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day in the Life - with two!!!

I really can't believe that I'm writing a DITL post with Two Babes!!! Eek it just makes me so happy!

The Day: Tuesday May 3rd
Ages: Ellie 2 years (almost 3) Finnley 3 weeks

6:45 I wake up and Ellie is in my bed watching Disney Jr. I grab a cup of coffee, go change Finnley's diaper and make bottle and feed her. She takes it down quickly and falls back asleep. I get on my phone and check some blogs while trying to keep my neck safe from Ellie.  She has recently enjoyed giving hugs on our backs while wrapping her arms around our necks (like a piggy back) and squeezing, it's less than comfortable. 

our bedroom

Ellie's bedroom

Finnley's bedroom

living room

7:45 I guess it's finally time to get out of bed, I open the curtains and turn on the crystals. Ellie wants to help feed animals so I told her we have to sit on the potty first. But she pooped so we have to change that and then she said she still wants to go on the potty, she pees!! We get ready with our boots and head on out to the farm!  Finnley is still sleeping...bless that girl!


my little farm girl!

Ellie got the barn door open and Pal snuck I had to kick him out and get the door closed.

our sweet baby goats Delilah and Stella

7:50 we go out on the farm to feed the animals.  I decided since Finnley was still sleeping and had made the executive decision that Ellie's pj's could now become farm clothes for the day, I go into Ragtime's paddock finish scooping her manure...its been a process but so much easier to accomplish if I keep it up, while Ellie plays on the farm gathering sticks, harassing Pal and climbing on the hay bales in the barn.

8:30 I finish up with my chores so we go into the back yard and Ellie plays on the swing set while I clean myself up (a quick 2 minute shower and Finnley is still sleeping - bless her!) I finish my coffee ... it's cold but I'm too lazy to warm it up, and grab some muffins for breakfast. Ellie wants bubbles, so why not?  She has so much fun learning how to blow the bubbles and is starting to figure it out...sometimes she sticks the wand into her mouth...toddlers!!  We eat our muffins (Oatmeal Applesauce with Cinnamon Sugar...SO GOOD) and just enjoy how nice it is it summer??? haha

8:55 we go back inside to get ready to go, we have some errands to run. I tell Ellie it's time to go on the potty and she pees hooray! Then I get her cleaned and washed up and dressed. Finnley finally wakes up and I finish putting my hair in a braid and then get her a bottle and feed her. Then get her dressed and start getting everything packed up for us to head out.

9:40 we are finally ready to go! I wasn't in a huge hurry but that took a bit longer than I was hoping it would, something I need to work on I guess. We get in the car and head to the doctor's office to drop off some paperwork for our doc to fill out for Finnley's adoption, Ellie enjoys looking at the fish and playing with the toys for the 5 minutes we are in the office and is a little upset that we have to leave so quickly!! We jump back in the car to go to a nursery so I can get some plants for my MOPs group, our last meeting of the year is this week and I wanted to get my table something.  I decided that I would get them all a strawberry plant...I hope they like it.  I was planning on heading down to one of my favorite nurseries but there is one right by our doctors so I decided to just stop there and make life a little easier/quicker for our jaunt out of the house.  I wish I remembered to get a picture of our wagon full of plants and babes!

10:40 we arrive back at home. Finnley is acting a bit tired again so I put her in her crib and open her blinds so I can see her and Ellie plays outside in the gravel path while I transfer the strawberries into a variety of pots I have.  I also got a new rosemary plant...hopefully I can keep this one alive for longer than 9 months!!! I replant it into a pot and Ellie is so excited to use the "bucket" it came in in the garden!  My sweet girl.  Finnley is a bit restless so I guess she didn't really want to sleep... 

11:30 we head into the backyard and Ellie swings on the swing set, is constantly getting "stuck" and needs help. In between helping Ellie and getting Finnley settled I start making our lunch.  Left over fajitas for me with a fried egg and Ellie has some applesauce, chippy's (doritos) turkey meat and an egg "Oh I love eggs mama!!" Then we eat and enjoy the beautiful weather!  It's not easy eating while feeding a babe let me tell you!!

12:30 we finish up our lunch and I get Ellie cleaned up and finally get her in her room for nap (after another successful trip to the potty)! Finnley is still hungry so I give her the rest of her bottle and that seems to satisfy her so we do a diaper change.  Ellie is making some noise so I go in and tell her she needs to lay down and go to sleep.

1:15 both girls finally down for naps, I let Finnley sleep on the couch in the boppy. I do some farm work and weeding in the garden, finish watching a show (Sleepy Hollow) and kill my first rat...I'll spare you the details but somehow I have made it 17 years without having to kill one until this point and I am still shaking!! I assist one of our neighbors who's taking all of manure composted manure for their garden and catch up on blogs and snapchat inbetween opening gates. Finnley is comfortable in her boppy so I take real shower to shave my's the little things you guys!!  I also just hang out on the couch for some of the time just looking and watching my sweet babe, thank you Jesus she is here with us!!

4:20 the girls are both up (Ellie probably woke up some time before this but was quietly playing in her I just left her) so I make Finnley a bottle and bring milk into Ellie's bed and we hang out for a few minutes.  These are the moments that are so special and Ellie really loves this time together.  

4:30 Thomas gets home so I get all my stuff together and head out to my hair appointment and he gets his first time alone with both girls!!!  The transition of bringing Finnley home has been pretty seamless, I am sure because Ellie is used to me being with babies, but she has been having a little bit of a harder time sharing Thomas.  They have some fun though and Ellie gets to learn how to share Dada...a lesson that will be important in her life.

5:15 I finally arrive to my appointment and get caught up with my friend/stylist and get my hair started. Y'all we didn't take a before pic...but I have greys for days and I "joke" around that my roots look like an 80 year old woman and I am pretty serious about it.  I have had grey hair since I was 16 so I have embraced it but now instead of it being localized to one section of my hair its all over and its embarrassing.  Thankfully my stylist is a miracle worker and until I start having some growout you would have no idea!!!  Also I wish I could get my hair to curl like this at home...she taught me how to do it but I confessed that maybe the reason I have such a hard time is that I use an $8 conair...its the tools that make it y'all and I need to think about investing in quality products!

8:00 my hair is done so I head home. I'm starving so I decide to stop at kfc for my dinner, a $5 fillup with chicken tenders is my favorite!

8:45 I arrive home and Ellie was in her highchair eating ice cream and Finnley is chilling on the couch with Thomas.  Now that I'm home Thomas heads out for evening farm chores and I eat my dinner but Ellie wants some chicken and mashed potatoes so I have to share. I am so happy that she is finally starting to have an appetite and eating more foods!!  Thomas gets back in from chores and we start watching a show together, Real Housewives of BH.

 9:15 It's time for Ellie to go to bed. We finish watching real housewives, I play on snapchat for a bit (follow along @Alifeonthefarm) and then I  go to bed. 

10:15 my lights are out. 

This was a pretty great day and I am looking forward to a lifetime more like this!  I just feel so incredily blessed to get to be a mom to not only 1 sweet babe but to 2 beautiful daughters!!! 

♥ Ashley


  1. She's here and she's precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

  2. I'm so thrilled that you are a double girl mama too!!! <3

    Also, can I just say how happy I am that you finally got on snapchat? I feel like I know you girls EVEN better now!

  3. So sweet!! Love your hair darling :) I want to have another one and it looks like you have it pretty much down!!!
    Chelsea @


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