Friday, May 13, 2016

Fri-YAY: the one with lunch dates, a monthday and a trip to the ER

Oh hey there Friday! I am so glad you're here.

First things first, it's my sweet Finnley girls 1 monthday has she already been a part of our family for a whole month?? I'm figuring out her monthly photo and I'm thinking I need to ride on Karra's coattails and use some flowers, because if you know me then you know I am all about the florals.

Let's get on to this Friday Five thang.


I feel like I've got this mama of two thing down, and we went out for our very first lunch date solo yesterday!  We went to Panera and let me tell you...we had a great time.  I wore Finnley in my new sling wrap and it worked great (heaven knows that infant car seats are the bane of my existence) and Ellie was a rock star.  Also she was basically diaper free the whole day - with no accidents!


You gotta love that farm life.  One of our favorite things to do around the farm is to drive the truck in the pasture...Ellie likes to help steer (she is terrible at it) but also enjoys being in the front seat (we only go 2 mph)  We drove the hay out the Ragtime and Ellie loved sticking her head out the window telling Rags to eat her food!


I mentioned earlier this week that we had to make a trip to the ER.  Little Miss Ellie tried to climb the gate into Ragtime's Paddock and she got bopped on the head by the horses mouth...she got two little wounds that needed some medical care (glue and a staple).  She did a fantastic job and was so interested in everything that the doctors and nurses were doing.  I cannot even tell you how proud I am of her, she was so calm, brave, and polite.  She kept saying thank you to the staff and was just overall a great girl.


One of my most favorite things in our yard are our Snowball Viburnum bushes that the previous owners planted.  I can't get over how big they have gotten and they bloomed so early this year.  I had to make sure to snap a picture before they were done blooming and they were so full this year too!!


Finally I have totally gotten into the who Snapchat thing (@Alifeonthefarm) and my favorite thing are all the filters.  I seriously go on it everyday to just play with the filters and here is my favorite one...the beauty filter - why can't this just be my real life??? 


♥ Ashley


  1. yes to snapchat!!! and i'm glad Ellie is ok after her ER trip!!! what a brave girl!

  2. Lol, Snapchat does my makeup for me #Iwish. SO glad Ellie is okay and YES to all the flowers. She looks like a beautiful little fairy baby :D!l


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