Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Our Weekend: Road Trip, Kentucky Derby and Mother's Day

Well I guess the title says it all for this post so maybe I don't even need to write anything ;) But since this is a diary of sorts I just have to so I can remember!

Let's start with Thursday, even though it's not technically part of the weekend...it was for us.  Ellie is obsessed with her baby sis Finnley so any chance she can get to "be a big helper in your family" (thank you Daniel Tiger) she jumps at the chance.  And seriously what's cuter than an almost 3 year old feeding your 3 week old??

After our morning we got ready to head to church.  It's a MOPs day and I am the teacher for Ellie's Moppets class.  My sweet little strawberry girl, I am swooning over this outfit!

At Moppets Ellie wanted to work in the kitchen during free play time and insisted on an apron...I just can't!!!  Meanwhile baby girl Finn is wrapped up in the Solly with me!!  My two girls!

Then when Thomas got home from work we headed to the other side of the state to finish up some adoption stuff for Finnley.  It was a quick trip.  We stayed at my aunts house, had our agency meeting in the morning on Friday and had lunch with Finnley's birthmom, then got right back in the car to make the 5 hour car ride home.  Thankfully the girls slept most of the way!

When we arrived home we had some farm chores to do but I just needed to get a picture with me and my girls flaunting all the floral.  Ellie is in my most favorite top, I'm in my favorite floral from Stitch Fix, and even Finnley is sporting some cute florals!!  

Saturday Thomas had to head out early for an all day tennis tournament and I got the girls ready for a FULL day of fun.  First we went to gymnastics and Ellie had a total blast!  I'm so happy I put her in this bright orange top - it makes her really easy to spot!  

After gymnastics we went to the local Farmers Market and I picked up some pretty flowers for Mother's Day (I did add in a few of my own garden flowers as well) picked up some goodies that we can only get at the market (pretzel rolls) and then off to the store to get remaining ingredients for the Kentucky Derby.

I had a last minute idea to have a party, so only my BFF Marit was able to make it...but we had the best time.  We dressed up in our Derby Best - hats required.

And snacked on some serious goodies.  These cucumber bites had a delicious herbed cream cheese filing.  We made Kentucky Mules and Mint Juleps.  I've never had a Mint Julep before but oh my word it was so good and might be my new favorite drink...although I love mint something fierce.

We had Benedictine Sandwiches and Hot Brown Croissants too.  We had so much fun together (and on Snapchat @Alifeonthefarm) that we missed the actual race!! Thankfully we have a DVR so I was able to rewind but we missed it again!!  Ooops...better luck next year.  I loved this gathering so much that I think I am going to try to go all out and actually plan one for reals next year!

Not only was it the KY Derby on Saturday but also my first girl's 13th birthday!! I've had her her entire life and she is such a sweetie. Marit and I took advantage of the festivities to snap a few pics with this girl and this is my favorite!!  Someday I will share the back story on how this mare came into my life...but that is a story for another day.

Ellie finally woke up so I put on one of my favorite floral dresses of hers and an old sun hat (that does not fit at all).

On Sunday: Mother's Day we got up and had some coffee and then went to the Zoo!!!  We always go to the elephants first and they were both out!!

Then we went to see the otters and those are always my favorite...they had just been let out for the morning and were running around like crazy! They always make me laugh.

Then to the Carousel, nothing quite compares to the one at Disneyland but they are always so fun with my girl! 

Ellie rode on a sweet horse

While I landed myself on a Walrus...it was the only Walrus we got to see that day because the one at the zoo was in the back.

We headed home for naps (well Ellie napped) and then made our way over to my In-laws for dinner with the family.  I got to have some quality time with my SIL and MIL while the girls entertained themselves in the back yard with the jeep.

What a cute trio!! I can't wait for next year when Finnley is old enough to tromp around with them.

We made it home just after 8:30, Ellie went to bed shortly after, we watched FTWD and this sweet babe slept on my lap!! I'd say it was a great day!!

How was your weekend??

♥ Ashley

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  1. What a great Mothers Day weekend with your girls. The derby hat photo made me lol. I have never been to a derby party before but it looks like fun!

  2. What adorable girls! I'm excited to see floral prints are in! I'm never in style, but I love :)

  3. All the clothes in this post are amazing!! On point with the style, lady!


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