Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 6

I guess I have to say it is it Wednesday already?!!! I am sure that this is going to be a recurring statement/question for the next 46 weeks!

This week has been a big game changer in the life with two kiddos.  Ellie has started to be super needy (and extra lax on her pottying...)  while Finnley has been a difficult one to get to take a nap.  We've had projectile vomit/spit up, multiple potty accidents, and peeing on the changing pad without a diaper this week and I just want to take a nap!!!

Regardless...this little sweetie has been just that, a sweetie!  She's not super fussy and is definitely becoming more aware.  I love her so!

Eats: formula, formula and more formula.  She is a much different eater than Ellie ever was.  She is a cluster feeder and will suck down 4-6 ounces within an hour and then other times will be good with just 1/2 an ounce.  Sometimes she wants to eat every 45 minutes and other days she can go a few hours between feedings.  Ellie was very constant with finishing a bottle every 3 hours!  Finnley has finally started to let us know when she is hungry with some loud cries (just like Ellie) and can get herself so worked up that as soon as we get the bottle in her mouth (not even 60 seconds later) she will start sucking and then immediately fall asleep.

Sleeps: well Finnley is a great sleeper at night.  Thomas and I have a deal that he puts her to bed and then I'll get up with her in the middle of the night.  We've been doing that since she was about 1 week old and it's been quite the deal for me.  She has been sleeping close to 7 hours at night so I haven't really had to get up with her!!  Which is so different than Ellie who was up every 3-4 hours....who actually still isn't sleeping through the night on a consistent basis.  While Finnley is awesome at night sleeping her naps are pretty inconsistent and you never know what kind of day you're gonna get...but those long night stretches are totes worth it!

Goes: we did quite a bit this week.  Gymnastics and Swimming for Ellie, to the doctors office for her 1 month and Ellie's 3 year check ups, and celebrating Ellie's 3rd birthday (recap coming soon). 

Loves: I think it's safe to say that she loves her bassinet (obvi because of her long night stretches) our bottles and then the sling carrier...I love it because it's easy - no wrapping, no tying, and no snapping - just slip it on, put her in and we're off!!

Does: holding her head up, cries, gets the hiccups and spits up daily, is a growing machine and can rollover onto her back during tummy time.

Of Note: at her 1 month check up she weighed in at 10+ lbs and is already 24 inches long!!! It's so funny because she is pretty big for a 1 month old but people are always commenting on how little she is - peeps be weird.  Her hair is finally starting to grow back in, she got what I like to call Male Pattern baldness and thankfully her white spot is still there!!  She does have quite a few stork bites on the back of her head and neckline that our doc says should probably go away in a couple months...if not its not too big of a deal because once her hair grows in you won't even see it!

On Monday, May 23rd, we had our court hearing to finalize our adoption of Finnley.  It's all part of the process of adoption and really is nothing to stress over.  Since we adopted from across our state we were able to have the hearing over the phone while we were in the comfort of our own home (in our pj's).  We spoke with the judge and told her how much we love Finnley and will raise her as if she was our own biological child, that we would provide for her all the things that she needs, and show her unconditional love.  Then the judge said she was signing the paper and we were legally a family of four and that Finnley would now have our last name!!  We are so proud to announce that she is Fionnoula Ann!!!

Mama: as I mentioned this week has been a little rough but honestly I wouldn't change a thing.  It's always been a dream of mine to have childREN and now I have them.  I feel so blessed to get to be their Mama and I really am not feeling an emptiness anymore.  I remember when we first brought Ellie home I was so incredibly happy but still had a sense of sadness at not being able to be pregnant myself, but now I think I have fully accepted my infertility and barrenness.  I have actually had this "calmness" about it since my ectopic back in July and I have really been able to get myself into a good place emotionally.

Sister: the love Ellie has for Finnley is still going strong and I just can't get over it!! When Finnley cries Ellie will tell her "It's okay Finnley, everything's going to be alright" or "It's okay Finnley, I'll be right there!!"  She loves to hold her and kiss her and hug her.  She tries to pick her up and is always asking if Finnley will share her paci with her (since Ellie really is only supposed to have hers in her bed...)  Ellie and I were going to swim lessons, while Thomas stayed home with Finn, and we were on the phone talking to each other - Ellie heard Finnley fussing and said over the phone "It's okay Finnley, I'm just going swimming and then I will be back to kiss you!" How did I get so lucky?!! 

♥ Ashley

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  1. Seriously, the shift from one to two does such a heart change. I know it did for me. Obviously, I would love love love more. but having the chance to kind of move through all of the emotions of closure and healing through Mabel has left me in a much healthier place. I'm glad to hear you are as well!

    Loved reading this update :)

  2. Y'all are seriously rocking the family selfies. Love them. So happy for you and your family. God is so good to have placed you together. It is beautiful!


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