Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 5

Honestly, I had to check myself to make sure that she is really FIVE weeks old. Man where does the time go?? The days are long but the weeks short ;)

Week 5

Sleeps: Finnley sure is becoming more aware of her surroundings and has days where she doesn't want to sleep because she is too busy taking everything in. But then she has days that make up for it where she basically sleeps the whole day!  We are still trying to figure out what works for her...sometimes a swaddle does the trick but then other times she likes her arms above her head. 

Eats: obvi with her only being 5 weeks we are still using a bottle and she gets formula. So far we are still fans of the Dr. Browns bottles and have been going back and forth with Similac and Enfamil (thanks to all the free samples we keep getting!) 

Goes: we went to the market again this weekend and it was a much more pleasurable experience.  It was raining just a bit so it wasn't as crowded - and if you know my I really don't like crowds.  We had to take Ellie to the doctor to get her staple out of her head and we had our first lunch date (the three girls) at Panera and everyone did great!! We also did the usual trips to swimming and gymnastics for Ellie as well as going to work at the church.  Girlfriend is pretty good in the car and just goes with the flow!

Loves: like I mentioned above our bottles are pretty fantastic as well as the car seat cover and sling carrier I got last week.  We also really love her activity playmat and the Boppy for feeding, lounging and sleeping (supervised of course)

Does: holds her head up like a champ, still gets hiccups on the daily. Doesn't spit up quite as much. She likes to lay on her playmat and kick around. 

Of Note:  she wears size 1 diapers and is pretty much grown out of nb clothes so we are squeezing her into them until I go up in the attic to pull down the 0-3 and 3-6 months clothes bins.  We do have some 0-3 and that is fitting much better - her feet are so big that we might have to size her up to 6 months for footed pj's!!!

Mama:  I definitely like the days where she sleeps more!  But seriously though she isn't a fussy baby and I just love her.  I love her little noises and how chill she is.  I also love that I have two girls and get to see Finnley in Ellie's old clothes.  Plus just watching my two girls is what makes my heart so happy!!

Sister: Ellie is seriously still just infatuated with Finnley and it is just so sweet.  She will just randomly tell me that "I love Finnley so much" and give her all the kisses and hugs she also says "Oh Finnley it's gonna be ok!" when Finnley is crying/fussing.  Ellie still loves to hold her and knows how sit to hold her.  Every day is my favorite with these two!

what happens when Dada is in charge...

I mean these two!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. I love seeing the updates! Both girls are just precious. You are adjusting so well with the two girls. Way to go Mama!

  2. The time sure does fly by! I have a little girl and she is 11 weeks already! I love seeing your updates and watching how much Ellie loves her little sister already!

  3. Love it they are soon cute :) Chelsea @

  4. I LOVED having a car seat cover with Emily.that thing was fantastic. He looks like such a proud daddy, so sweet!

  5. Such sweet photos!! You are blessed!


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