Thursday, May 12, 2016

{Travel Diaries} Disneyland February 2016 - Day 2

Ok!! I am back with some more fun of our latest trip to Disneyland back in February!! (See Day 1 here)

We started off our morning the best way we know how, with coffee at Starbucks in DCA.  Thanks to the fabulous Courtney, I learned about Coffee with Character so we were Snow White and Prince Charming - gotta be the heros!!  Unfortunately we had a guy that wrote our names and he is in some major need of learning Disney Calligraphy...regardless it was fun!

We sported our Diamond Anniversary shirts that we got the last time we were in DL (read about it here!) and went straight to Cars Land to ride on Mater's Junkyard Jamboree!

We met up with Thomas' parents so we could get in line for Radiator Springs Racers.  We like to go in the Single Rider line because the line is about an hour shorter...its crazy how busy this ride is.  Nanny and Papa watched Ellie for us while we took our ride.  The only thing about going in the single rider line is that we don't get to be in the same car together but I would rather that then to spend 90+ minutes waiting in line...#priorities

When we got off the ride we got the text that Thomas' older brother and family had arrived at the park (they live near us but were vacationing in San Diego and decided to make a day trip to the park so we could all hang out!!) so we headed over to Disneyland to meet up with them.  Ellie was 100% thrilled that her cousins were at Disneyland and had the best time showing them the ropes ;)

I knew the girls would love the Princess meet and greet at the Fantasy Faire Royal Hall, and if we learned anything is that this should be the first stop to avoid an insanely long line.  We were the 3rd group in line and got in right away.  The girls were thrilled to meet some of their favorite princesses and I'm so glad they got to share this experience together.  They all met the princesses together and then split up for pictures.

Snow White!

Waiting in line for her favorite...she was so patient!

Miss Belle!!!

I mean look at how cute!! 

And then it was time for Cinderella, for some reason Ellie is always unsure of's weird.

On our way out the girls wanted to check out Snow White's well and who should be there but the Best Ariel I have ever encountered!!!  She just held Ellie like this as she was listening to the cousins go on and on about something.  I mean how precious!  

Aurora was also there...she was just going back to her Castle to see Prince Philip for a dance ;) and we were able to snag a picture with both of the princesses before she left.

Then it was time for some rides.  We took the girls on the Carousel for their first ride to get them used to the idea and then we went on Dumbo.  When we got off Dumbo we saw both Hook and Peter Pan so we jumped in line to get some photos!!

We took a spin on the Tea Cups and the line for Alice in Wonderland wasn't horrific so we jumped in.  I really cannot tell you how much fun Ellie had doing Disneyland with her cousins!! It was so much fun!

Once we were done with the rides in Fantasyland we let Nanny and Papa have some time with the girls while we took a ride on Space Mountain Hyperspace Mountain ... it has a Star Wars theme!! The funny part is we didn't even know we were going to pose like this ... I love that the kids behind us had the same pose!

By this time it was getting close to nap time and I had an excruciating migraine so I took Ellie back to the room so we could take care of that.  But first a picture with Goofy.

We weren't in the room long before this happened...Disney sure does give this girl some good naps!

During our nap, my migraine finally subsided and I deteremined that I need to get my rx meds for them again...the rest of the fam took over Disneyland and my younger niece turned into a rollercoaster fanatic! She wanted to do all the rollercoaster and even held her hands up!! (not too bad for a 4 year old)  I am so bummed that we missed out on some of these memories.  When Ellie finally woke up from her Epic nap (3 1/2 hours!!!) we met up with the fam for Dinner at Naples in Downtown Disney for some super yummy pizza!!

The girls got some balloon animals...

patiently waiting...

She got a Mickey Mouse!!

For some reason I didn't get a photo of the pizza but we ordered the 1/2 Metre pizza and it was gigantic...probably could feed a dozen was practically the size of our table!!

When we got done with dinner we headed back into the park and it started we got some ponchos.  A lot of the rides were closing due to the rain and as usual Fantasyland was closing early for the Fireworks show...that didn't end up happening because of the rain... 

So we had to wander around the park trying to find an open ride.  Pirates of the Caribbean was open so we all got on that and then it was getting pretty late so the cousins left to make their drive back to San Diego...they barely got out of the parking lot and both girls passed out!

Winnie the Pooh was open so we took a ride on that and then into the Haunted Mansion because it is an inside ride and I don't really do rain (funny for a Seattleite I know!!)

We got ourselves a Mickey Pretzel and then called it a night.  I was wearing my Toms (the only shoes I brought) and they were soaked through!!  My feet hurt so bad!! Never again!!!!

And that concluded our Day 2 at the park!  

♥ Ashley

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  1. I'm so glad that even though this was a while ago that you're still taking the time to recap these!! :)

    Also, Abigail has a picture with that same Peter Pan!

  2. I love your Disneyland recaps! They make me even more excited to take my daughter to Disney. We are actually taking her for the day in a few weeks to get her picture with Mickey! She is too young for much else but we got a free ticket and thought it would be fun!


  3. I'm so loving your Disneyland pictures! Looks like you all had a blast. I so want to be back!

  4. How wonderful! Your little princess looks awestruck by the big princesses!!! <3


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