Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday - the one before she turns 3

Better late than never was the Motto I was raised with, but now as I am older and hosting things myself...being routinely late is incredibly disrespectful.  Thankfully for myself and all of us that doesn't apply to this post!!

This week has gone by so fast...but also has taken forever at the same time!  I remember this day so vividly three years ago.  Thomas and I carpooled to work because we were going to be leaving straight from (my) work to the other side of the state!  We put in a full day at school and then drove the 5+ hours to stay the night at my Aunt's house.  The reason we made this trip was because we were awaiting Ellie's scheduled c-section arrival the next day.  Which means that tomorrow my sweet nugget will be THREE!! Each year is better than the last and her growing up doesn't make me sad at all.  I am so looking forward to what 3 brings to us this year and know that she is going to change a lot.

Let's get onto this weeks randoms:

For Mother's Day I ordered a charm from Bip & Bop to add to my necklace for Finnley and it finally arrived yesterday!! I love it so much and now I don't think I'm ever going to take this off!!

The packaging is adorable and Nicole, the shop owner, includes the sweetest little notes.  She is so easy and great to work with and I love her stuff!! 

I already had the circle charm for Ellie (along with her birthstone) so I wanted something a little different for Finnley and went with the bar.  It is perfect!!

I had to play around with some Snapchat filters (@Alifeonthefarm) because I always seem to look so much better in them and look at this!!

Ellie had her first (planned) sleepover last night at Nanny's house.  Honestly I didn't sleep well at all - and you can tell by the giant bags under my eyes.  The only other time she hasn't slept without us was when I had my ectopic rupture and went in for emergency surgery last July (miscarriage #5 if you're counting).  So it's just been me and Finnley today and we took full advantage of Snapchat selfies...go check it out because Finn is hilarious with those filters ;)

Before we made the drop off at Nanny's we all went out to Red Robin for dinner and decided to have a pre-birthday celebration for our almost 3 year old!  All she could talk about was when are they going to sing me my birthday song? and then they brought her a sundae!  She loved the cherry and whipped cream - but they put chocolate sauce on it and girlfriend does not like chocolate. Not gonna lie - it comes in handy ;)

I made this poster for Ellie and as soon as I brought it home she wanted to color on it with!!

Also to note we went to the doctor earlier this week to get Ellie's staple taken out of her head.  She is healing wonderfully and it was so quick and easy!  This is her version of a Thumbs Up for Dada.

The girls and I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to grab a few things, like new knobs for our pantry doors...they have been giving us quite the problem lately and we're thinking we might just get rid of my beloved chalkboard doors and replace with barn doors or something....

And Ellie is finally starting to understand the Potty!! Her reward for pooping is a bath right away...seems to be working!!! We've had several diaper free days and only a handful of accidents!  So happy this is finally happening.

Happy Weekend Y'all.  

♥ Ashley

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  1. I can't believe she is 3! I hope you guys had the best time celebrating her.


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