Friday, May 27, 2016

That Friday post - gymnastics, the zoo, and smoothies

I have like five posts in my draft folder but decided I'd rather do a Friday post. Hopefully I'll get some of those drafts published next week.  I have an Ellie is 3 post, a recipe for some awesome Applesauce Oatmeal muffins, and our last day in Disneyland still to share from back in February!!

But for now lets get on to some random stuff:

Gymnastics is Ellie's favorite.  We went twice this week (Tues and Thurs) and she just can't get enough.  Tuesday was a bit rough with several pee accidents before we left - so I threw in the towel and she wore a diaper.  Thursday was much better and she got to go diaper free!!!

She loved jumping on Thursday and was all about the rope swing on Tuesday.  I just have so much fun watching her explore all the different equipment and can't wait to sign her up for real gymnastics class next session!!  Right now she is in the Toddler Gym and it's just a free for all...which is great for her but pulls at my OCD, Rules Enforcing self every single time.  So next session she will get to go into a structured class and I am sure I will feel a huge sense of relief with her getting some order in her life.

And now Finnley gets to tag along to gym class too.  We just hang out and chase Ellie around which is always fun...

We got memberships to our local Zoo and they have a super cool new play area for the kids with all sorts of things to do....Ellie's favorite is my least favorite - the sand box.  She beelines there every time and could stay there all day if I could handle it.

We took a walk around to check out the animals and were able to call the Bobcat out of hiding to come say "hi" my cell phone pics are horrible but you can just make him out.

Then we walked by the Grey Wolves habitat and were able to see them right up close.

In the safety of our dead end street I let Ellie help me drive and park the car in the driveway.  She loved it so much and it brought back memories of when I used to get to do this with my mom!!

Speaking of my mom, on Tuesday I cleaned out my car and found lots of random stuff from 10 years receipts from 2005, why I still had them is beyond me.  Except that I cleaning out the car is probably one of my least favorite things to do.  However, in the process I came across a birthday card from 7 years ago for my 25th birthday.  I opened it and the little note my mom wrote brought me to tears right out on my driveway....if only we had known that I would get just under 3 years with her from my 25th birthday....actually it's making me cry right now.  I am forever grateful that I kept cards and am starting to think that maybe Thomas and I should start getting cards for the girls so that they can have these memories.

On a happier note: I have started making smoothies again and Ellie is a fan!! I don't do anything special, just some frozen fruit, Greek yogurt and some milk.  Maybe I'll get adventurous and throw in some spinach...we shall see ;)

Have a Happy Weekend and let's all take a minute to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country.  God Bless the USA!

♥ Ashley

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