Tuesday, May 3, 2016

{Tasty Tuesday} 3 Ingredient Guacamole

Y'all I've been keeping a secret from you and I thought I would share it just in time for all of the Cinco De Mayo Fiestas that are about to happen.
 Seriously it's the best guacamole you've ever had and is super easy with only 3 ingredients!!! 

My mom used to make this all the time and I have to say that it has totally spoiled the way any other guacamole tastes.  I'm a purist and this recipe truly lets the avocado shine in this dish. 

Not only did I grow up with this guacamole, but my mom did too.  I remember her telling me that she secretly liked going to her neighbors house for the guacamole as a kid because they put mayonnaise in theirs.  Then she got a little older and realized the star of guacamole is the avocado and changed her ways - lucky for all of us!!

It really can't be any easier.  Here is what you are going to need.

Johnny's Seasoning Salt 
Garlic Powder 
Avocado (however many you want, more is always better)

**I have heard that there are lots of different types of seasoned salt but Johnny's is my favorite and if you get it at Costco it doesn't have MSG!! #winning  And then my mom swore by Spice Islands for the Garlic Powder and she was the authority, so it's the only kind I buy.**  

- Slice your avocado(s) in half, remove the pit, and scoop out deliciousness into a mixing bowl.  
- Shake some garlic powder on the avocado about 1/4 tsp per avocado and then some Johnny's to taste.
- Using a fork, smash up and combine the avocados and the seasonings.

I love to just snack on this with chips, on toast, or in a sandwich.  It's so good!

and if you're wondering these are my favorite tortilla chips...not too salty and just the right crunch!

I can't get enough!!

Buen Provecho!!

♥ Ashley


  1. I have never heard of Johnny's but I will do my best to find some good season salt and give this a try. I LOVE guac.

  2. Yummy!! I absolutely LOVE avocado and garlic so that always instantly makes me happy!


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