Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

Even though we are on summer break and every day is a "weekend" we had a great one over here in the farm. 

On Friday I had the opportunity to be a "hair model" for a friend of mine.  With the exception of 3 visits, I have been going to the same hair salon for 15 years. Friday marked visit #4 away from my "home" salon and I had a great experience. My friend works at Gene Juarez and is becoming a Balayage specialist an she needed a model for one if her exams! So for $10 I got an awesome new do!! (Much needed since my last hair appt was back in October!!)

I just love it and she did a great job!! If you live in the Seattle area and need your hair done I suggest you set up an appointment with Elle at the University Village Gene Juarez an tell her Ashley sent you!!

On Saturday we went to the "parking lot sale" at Coastal Farm & Ranch in Auburn near the SuperMall and picked up these beauts for a song to add to our growing collection!!

They are so comfortable!! And they kinda match - promise that was not on purpose!!

We also stopped at the new Hobby Lobby up in Federal Way and picked up this really cute rustic wooden frame and some green chalkboard paint to turn it into a chalkboard. 

This was a super easy project. I just removed the glass from the frame and took it outside with the can of chalkboard spray paint and did four coats on the glass. I love that we chose the color green (mostly because that was the only color available at hoblob) because it is a nice separation from all the black chalkboards out there!!

Also the puppies got baths this weekend so they are all clean a can start playing with Ellie now!

Today we are getting ready to have pictures taken of our family of three! We are so excited! 

Hope you all have a fantastic day!!


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