Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{weekly update} week six

BSix weeks already?! Wow. We have has so much fun both being home with this little munchkin!  She is so much fun now and her little personality is really starting to show and we Love it.

Weight: we are probably still in the 8 pound range but this little girl loves to eat so I wouldn't be surprised if she was gaining more weight. 

Sleep: Ellie is doing pretty good on her sleep. We for sure have a good 4 hour stretch at night anywhere between 11pm and 4am. 

Diet: she is getting 8 feedings of 3 ounces each a day. She goes 2 1/2 to 4 hours between her feeds. 

Crying: she has had her fussy moments here and there but usually she calms down with a swaddle or being in the mei tai. She also cries when she is hungry or in the bath tub. 

Clothes: still rocking the newborn clothes and diapers. But we had an oopsie and accidentally bought size one diapers. They are big on her but we are going to use them up. 

Social/Outings: omg she is so much fun right now!! She loves to grab onto things and is really way more interactive and we are getting lots of smiles. (just have to remember to take pictures and videos). Ellie has been out and about! We have gone on a walk around a local golf course "Chambers Bay", gone to the dog park, out to dim sum in Seattle twice and to Pikes Place Market, and Ikea!

Baby Gear Love: we are living her swing and bassinet. And as I mentioned above she loves being carried in her mei tai. 

Milestones: it has been hot over here the past few days so she has been a hot baby. Lots of naked time (with a diaper) for Ellie. Her vision is getting better and she is sorta recognizing us by sight and voice!  She loves to hold onto things in her car seat; blankets, hats, etc. Tummy time is going much better and we are up to about 16 minutes a day!

Mama: I am living having all of this time with her. I am so thankful that I am a teacher and have the opportunity to have nights, weekends, and summers off with this little darling. We have really started to get into a groove and this parenting thing is going pretty well. I have gotten lots of compliments this week as to how great I look for just having a baby,  I just say "thank you"!

My dear sweet little Ellie I love you so much. Thank you for being such a sweetheart. We are looking forward to a fun 4th of July with you! Your first "big" holiday!!


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