Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{weekly update} week ten

How can we already be at 10 weeks today. Time is just flying by but I'm enjoying every minute with this sweet little girl.  I feel so blessed and just love being her mama. 

Weight: We have quite the eater so I'm sure she's gaining weight. Probably around 11 pounds. 

Sleep: Doing pretty good at night, close to 6-7 hour stretches and then usually a 3ish hour nap during the day. 

Crying: When she's hungry or tired. Usually can stop it with a bottle, or swaddle and paci. 

Diet: Ellie is still doing well on the Similac Sensitive Formula and is now getting 4 ounces six times a day.

Clothes: Can you believe that this little girlfriend is still wearing newborn clothes?!?! Still in size one diapers. She does fit into a few 0-3 months onesies. 

Social: Little butterfly. We have had a few solo drives together this week. She got to meet up with my family on Sunday for a sip and see shower my sister hosted and I got to drive in the carpool lane for the first time!!!  We also had family photos done yesterday by a friend and fellow blogger, Susie from www.theallisonwonderland.com can't wait for those!!
(my car doesn't have the ability to put up a baby mirror so I take photos of her at stoplights to see how she is doing-some angles are better than others!)

Sneak Peek!!

Milestones: Miss E is still rolling over and grasping well with her hands. Her foot/eye coordination is improving on her activity mat as she kicks her hanging toys! She really is starting to recognize us and is just a smiling little girl!!

Baby Gear Love: basically the same list as previous weeks. No new gear to report, unless you count puppies as baby gear!!

Mama: I am enjoying the longer spans of time for sleep at night!!  But just absolutely love having this girl co-sleep with us!!  I love that she is just right there. I am also having so much fun with her interacting more and I also adore watching Thomas play with her!!

Sweet sweet baby Ellie, you are just the light of our lives and are so in love with you!!  These ten weeks have flown by, please slow down!!



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