Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bachelorette Bash Link Up

I thought I would link up to the bachelorette bash this week!  I have been watching the whole season and last nights episode was the men tell all. 

It was entertaining. Sort of. I think I get tired of who ABC chides to give extra air time to. We didn't need so much hot seat time with Ben or James. Did anyone else notice that James spray tan was horrid? Ben is a DB so is James. Why did they bring Jonathan back on-you know the guy on the first night with the "fantasy room key" straight out of the limo. 

It was nice getting some closure on the whole James/Mikey fiasco...NOT!  Neither one could own up to anything. Boys gotta stuck together even after you get thrown under the bus!  

Ben says that he is a certain way with a certain faith. But I don't think that you need to throw it in people's faces. If you are a Christian then people should know by your actions not because you tell them. 

Zak is hilarious. I started to like the guy as the season went on. But everyone has an angle. Ben for his business, James to get girls and Zak for a record deal. He is a good singer so maybe that will happen for him. 

The two part finale looks exciting. Can't wait to see what happens. 

I just hope that some day ABC Bachelor enterprise will stop using the rejects from previous seasons as their new bachelor/bachelorette. I want new people to get on there. 

That is all!



  1. oh yes the fake tan on james darker for sure which made his teeth way whiter than what i would consider a natural color. i think a new bachelor is a good idea, lets move on from using the rejects as the new bachelor or bachelorette.

  2. Thanks for linking up!

    I definitely agree that ABC should bring in new people. Not every contestant is good to be the main guy or girl on the show. For example, I LOVED Des on Sean's season, but she's been kinda boring as The Bachelorette.

    James and Mikey are such dummies. Get a life and stop spray tanning. That was just so gross. And Ben, thank you for making us Christians look like a bunch of stuck up jerks!


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