Tuesday, July 9, 2013

{weekly update} week seven

Another week bites the dust over here on the farm. Little E has been so adorable and her little personality is really starting to show through. We just love her so much!!

Weight: she is a little piglet!  She loves to eat so I am sure that she is gaining some weight (and hopefully growing in height a little too!)

Sleep: she has been doing pretty good. Still taking a longer nap in the midday. And she is still waking "twice" at night. We stay up for the late night around 10:30 and then she eats around the 2:00 hour and then in the 4:00-5:00 hours. Then we try to sleep in a little longer till about 7 or 8 if we can!

Crying: usually when she is hungry or wants to hear her voice. We have more coos and squeals at this time and I love it. 

Diet: she is still eating her formula and 3 ounces at each feeding. We have upped her to one 4 ounce feed a day and she gets pretty full after that one. But little piggy loves to eat. We are aiming for about 24 ounces in a 24 hour period. 

Clothes: girlfriend is still rocking the newborn size clothes. Though I think that the size one diapers while big on her have better absorption that she needs. 

(The staff at sushi is in love with her!)

Visitors/Social: Ellie is quite social and loves to be around people. She attended her first wedding of the season and looked adorable in her yellow and grey dress (I am pretty sure that is my fave outfit for her so far!)She went to sushi again for Sushi Sunday and they love her there. We also had our post placement visit with our home study agent and she was a total peach the whole visit!!  She also went to the bank with us and had a meal there. She is quite the eater while we are out and about. 

Baby Gear Love: loving our swaddle blankets for how light they are. Also her swing has become her new fave hangout. She also adores her mobile in her crib (she plays in there for about 10 minutes everyday). And her gumdrop paci from the hospital. 

Milestones: Ellie Faith rolled over on Wednesday and has rolled several times since. She is rolling from front to back on both sides!!!!  I think that is milestone enough for the week but she also loves to hold onto things, mostly her blankets!

Mama: I am loving this stage with Ellie!! She is way more active and alert and just plain fun!!  I get tired every now and the. And I am so thankful for the amazing husband God picked out for me. He is so supportive and helpful and he just adores his little girl!  I get so much pleasure watching the two of them play and interact. 


We just love our Ellie Faith and can't imagine life without her!!  We are praying for a smooth and quick close to our adoption and that all funds become available to us. If you are interested in helping out we have a Paypal account set up to take donations for all of the legal fees for her. 

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