Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Resolution - Meal Planning

Quite a few of my blogging friends, and other local friends, meal plan for the week. This is a totally new concept to me as I grew up with a stay-at-home mom who was an aspiring gourmet chef. While we were away at school my mom would  be engrossed in the food network and all of her foodie magazines and get inspired to create one of the meals that she came across. So it wasn't until several hours before dinner time that even she knew what we were going to have. This is the way I grew up and was raised that is been how dinners have happened at our house since I got married to Thomas.

I wanted to change it up a little this year and was inspired to meal plan from all of my friends.  So I decided that one of my resolutions for the new year would be to meal plan weekly or as often as we could. So here is our plan for this week and we wrote it up on our chalkboard.

However, we already had to change things up a bit since the chicken was in the freezer yesterday, so last night we had pasta and today we will have chicken paillard.

Do you meal plan? What are some of your favorite easy go to dishes?



  1. Gosh, this is totally my weakness! I SO need to do this, my hubby would definitely agree!!!! :)

  2. I've tried the meal planning with a chalk board and I like it. It especially helps with grocery shopping.

  3. I try to meal plan and it really just depends on the week.. Some weeks I do others I just wing it. I think I get away with that because once about every 6 weeks I will get on a cooking spree and stock the freezer with easy ready to go meals so I almost always have a fall back! I love that you displayed your plan - I think that would be a huge help!

  4. I've been meal planning my whole life - wouldn't have it any other way! I like the game of trying to make things overlap (the sourcream for mashed potatoes tonight goes with the taco casserole on Thursday). It's a time saver and a money saver!

  5. I do a combo of meal planning and what I call "meal morphing"- taking ingredients and using them in different ways (like with stuff like kale, large quantities of ground beef, etc.). I try to get a lot done on Sunday for the week since I seem to be too darn tired to do as much on the weekday. I have also tried to get in the habit of doubling things and putting one of them in the freezer for later. I absolutely love my crockpots and freezer- they make cooking for six every night do-able!


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