Friday, April 4, 2014

Five TV Shows I'm Into

Another Friday means another five! It's been a couple weeks since I linked up with the lovely ladies for the FoF posts. But here I am getting back into the game.

and now in 2013! via
19 Kids and Counting. The Duggars are an incredibly fascinating family. If you know me then you probably know how jealous I am of their fertility and wish I could have that many kids!!! While I don't always agree with them I love how close they are as a family. I am so excited to watch their new season especially now that two of their girls are in courting relationships!!!

The very happy and silly Little Couple family. via
The Little Couple.  Bill and Jen are the cutest couple and so kind to share their struggles so openly. I feel like I have been on their journey with them, what with our miscarriages and issues with battling infertility and then going through the adoption process. It was so interesting seeing how we were experiencing similar things during the same time-frame. However we chose to go with a local domestic adoption.


Bulloch Family Ranch.  This family lives down in Florida on a ranch.  The couple Rusty and Julie were high school sweethearts and have two grown children of their own; Brodie and Amanda.  They have taken in over 23 teens who were near the brink of self-destruction.  They provide them a supportive home and give them the tools to get back on their feet.  This show is very uplifting and I love that they include their faith throughout the tv show.


Real Housewives of (name your favorite city). I can't believe how long I have been watching these shows. They are a total time suck and pure drama. It's unbelievable how these women act and it's just batshitcrazy. I don't watch all of the cities because I think there is only so much bitching I can handle. So I watch Orange County (gotta watch the original) Beverly Hills, New York and New Jersey. I also loved the DC season but it didn't seem to take off like the others.


How I Met Your Mother. Can I please just say how bummed I am tht this series is over?  I was late to the HIMYM gang but once I watched one episode I was hooked. While the season finale had a sad ending it made a lot of sense for the storyline. I don't want to give too much away if you haven't watched it yet but Oh My was this a good run?!!! I am so sad that It won't be on my dvr anymore and I won't get to catch up on their lives anymore (yes I realize it wasn't a reality show). 

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  1. I don't regularly watch the Duggars but whenever I stumble on the show I'm sucked in. You have the most positive spin on that show I've ever heard -- I appreciate that perspective on it. :)

  2. You know how much I adore the Duggars! I really, really do.

    I also catch HIMYM from time to time. I actually cried on the treadmill Monday night while I was watching the finale. But then...I dunno. Did not like the ending at all.

  3. I watch 19 Kids and Counting and The Little Couple every now and then, but I haven't ever watched the others. I am such a sucker for anything on TLC though!


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