Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Life Lately

Hey there ladies!!

I thought I would give a little update of our life here lately.

First of all let me tell you how wonderful it was to have Spring Break last week!! It was just what I needed.

I loved spending all that extra time with our sweet Ellie.  She has become quite the walker and dare devil! She pulls up on almost anything and thinks she is the coolest ever for being able to stand.  Her little personality is growing and she is becoming more independent but still loves to crawl over to us for cuddles. (I hope that never changes!) < funny story: we were the volunteers in the nursery this past Sunday and got to see Ellie in action with all her "friends".  She was one of the youngest in there and only wanted the toys that the other children had and actually pulled them out of their grasp!!! Luckily when I took them away from her, returned them to the previous "owner" and gave her a different one she didn't get very upset.  She just had her "mini-tantrum" as I call it where she tenses up all her muscles at once and sort of shakes for about 2 seconds and then was totally fine!! So I guess we are going to have to work on sharing!

The weather was beautiful and we had the chance to go outside and do some much needed yard work.  I did A LOT of weeding (and still have a bunch to do) and my back was killing me!! Ellie had a blast being out on a blanket in the dappled shade of one of our trees and exploring this new world!  This was making me SO SO excited for Summer Break! I am so looking forward to nearly 2 1/2 months with my little girl!!

We began work on our Guest Bathroom Makeover.  As you know we are teachers and we try to do everything on a budget (enter in the Dollar Tree, Goodwill, etc) as well as do the work ourselves.  Well we thought we had everything in order for this makeover but it turns out it is taking longer than I had planned (which usually always happens) and we found out that we didn't have everything we needed to get it done by my self appointed completion date of last Sunday.  So we still have an unfinished bathroom in our house.  Hopefully it will be done soon so I can do a reveal.  I think that it is turning out wonderfully and can see my vision coming to fruition!

We are also looking forward to Easter!!  I have most of the items picked out for Ellie's First Easter Basket and I am so excited to put it all together!!  We have a pretty busy weekend with celebrating this holiday with both of our families.  Saturday is the Egg Hunt with Thomas family and their tradition Easter Noodles (anyone else have this tradition?)  and then Sunday we are going to church with my Dad and then my sister is hosting an Easter lunch at her house!

I have noticed a trend in myself and my emotions.  I think that Ellie has a BIG part to do with it.  After our Christmas Break and I returned back to school I had what I called the "New Year's Blues". I didn't feel extremely motivated to get back to work.  I felt "blue".  After a couple weeks - and a semester change - my energy was renewed and I was no longer questioning my profession.  I love being a teacher and getting to work with the awesome students I have every day.  They make my life so much brighter and warm my heart incredibly.  But I have to confess, I am feeling the "Spring Time Blues" this week.  I think that this is happening because I just loved being at home with Ellie so much that my heart aches now that I have to be at work!!  She consumes my thoughts, as does Thomas, and all I want to do is have family time!!  Again I love my kiddos (students) but can it just be Summer Time already?!!?!?!??!!

Do you ever find yourself in a rut at work?  What do you do to help yourself out of it?

♥ Ashley

a Humpday Confession


  1. great post girl. hope you have a great hump and good Easter.

  2. I'm happy to hear your little life update!! Good job making that little bruiser share with her friends ;)

  3. I think we can all get into a rut after a change (or not a change)! Hang in there and you'll get your groove back. And hey it's spring that mean sunshine and sunshine makes everything better! :)


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