Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Meals Mashup #5 [linkup]

Ok can I please just say that I really disliked last week?  Only because we DIDNT have a menu for the week and each day after work I was wondering what we should have for dinner!!!

Monday Meals Mashup

So we fixed that and got a menu figured out for this week!

Here's what we are having:

Monday: Chicken Paillard super easy and really good!

Tuesday: Tacos! 

Wednesday: it's our last MOPs meeting of the year so I am thinking I should go since I missed the last one. 

Thursday: Pasta! The good thing is - Ellie can eat it too!!

Friday: Dinner out. Let someone else do the cooking!!

Saturday: Chicken Salad. Just get a roast chicken and shred it up. Some lettuce, croutons, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, avocados, and any other thing you want to add to your salad ADD some ranch dressing and you are good to go!

Sunday: We have had a turkey in the freezer for a couple months and were thinking that this day is a perfect day to bust it out and have some good old Thanksgiving in April!!

Be sure to check out Susie's blog to see what she has cooking up!!

♥ Ashley


  1. I hate when we don't have a menu for the week, it makes me feel crazy and I never thought I would say that. lol. Thanksgiving in April sounds sooo delicious! I'll be over for Sunday dinner!

  2. I gotta make your chicken paillard. Maybe next week!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, not knowing what we're going to eat for dinner is the story of my life these days. But actually last week Stew offered to make dinner two different times, and it was such an amazing break for me! I love that guy. :-)


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