Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{weekly update} week 46

Shut up! My baby girl is 46 weeks old!! Just another 6 and she will be a one year old!!! How did that happen?!?! We had an eventful week and this girl is just the cutest and getting the best personality. 

Eats: Girlfriend loves herself some bread, French Fries, rice and pasta. As well as the old standbys of multigrain baby cereal, her veg medley I make, and assorted baby food fruit. She also tried some baked beans  and yogurt melts this weekend and I think it's love. She is also doing really well with her sippy cup of water!

Sleeps: Baby Girl might be in a slight sleep regression. She is going down a little later (8:00) and still getting up pretty early (6:30).  She sleeps unswaddled in her crib until about 3:00 and then if she wakes up we just bring her into our bed. Her naps have been hit and miss. Sometimes she will take just a 20-30min cat nap an other days she will go for about 2hours. 

Goes: Ellie Faith got her passport picture taken yesterday and we sent that off, so we are one step closer to our trip to Ireland!!! We also met up with herbirth dad's mom - so I guess her birth grandma, for lunch and she was a total peach. We also went out for sushi and she got to meet our friend who "owns" the restaurant, she was a little shy. I think that's about it. 

Loves: Little Miss E loves her toys that make noise (xylaphone and rattles) her shape sorter (more like dumping it out and then banging the shapes together - she also mimicks this with us!), her activity cube, her high chair and walker and Sophie. She also loves watching the dogs through the slider door!

Does: Crawling and pulling up on everything!!  I just love watching her gain he independence. She also mimicks and can "cruise" along furniture. She is super good at self feeding. She can sign "more" and is working on "all done" and "please". She did sign please once so I need to work on that more. 

Mama: I have to say that this is my favorite age by far! This week was pretty good. I got to do volunteer work with 12 of my students and had them come to our farm one day to help "clean up" and do some of our least favorite chores: scooping poop, spreading gravel, and cleaning out the chicken coop!!

Sweet sweet Ellie, I love you so. Your little personality and sweet smile are so wonderful to experience. I love your curiosity and braveness. You are my wild child and I love you so!



  1. I just think that it's so cool that you're taking her to Ireland, that is going to be such an amazing trip!

  2. Her little face is just precious!!


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