Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Little Things #14

Hey there ladies!! I am linking up with Jess and Ashley for their Little Things Linkup.  Sometimes our lives get so busy and hectic we forget to take a moment and enjoy those little things in our lives.  

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Life with Ellie has been such a wonderful journey.  I have so enjoyed being her mama and watch her grow.  I often times find myself looking forward to the "next thing" with her I don't really take the time to sit and enjoy all the little things she does and is each day!

Today I want to talk to you about her feet and cankles ankles.  I just love them to death and never want to forget them!!

Ellie comes from short stalk (both of her parents are 5'4'' and no one is taller than 5'9'' in her immediate family).  [Ellie is adopted - we have an open adoption with her parents part 1 part 2] Even though she was a tiny baby being a shortcake when she gained weight there wasn't much place for it to go so she got fat feet and legs.  I love her chub and it just makes me so happy.  With that being said though, she can't wear shoes because of her pudgy feet.  I mean she can but they just aren't the right size for her.  And boots are TOTALLY out of the question. I have yet to find a pair that will go around her calves!  

So my baby has gone without wearing shoes for almost her whole life!  She can wear socks but those come off as soon as she in in her carseat and we hit the road. [and everyone and their mother has to let us know that she is a) missing a sock or b) she doesn't have anything on her feet] So it has been a challenge to find something to go on her feet.  

It really hasn't been much of an issue until lately when she has wanted to start walking.  Inside our house isn't a problem but when we are out and about the thought of her bare feet on the ground just doesn't sit well with me.  

But I found a solution!!!  I have heard so many things about how great moccasins are for babies and little's so I had to get my hands on a pair.  I was sent a pair of "The Coral Pear" baby moccs in Platinum and they are the Bee's Knees!! These are the first pair of shoes we have been able to get to fit over Ellie's chubby feet and the best part is that she can't get them off!! 

The quality and construction of these moccs are impeccable and we have received so many compliments on how adorable the shoes are.  I love the color Platinum because they are a neutral color and go with many of her outfits.  Also since they have the glimmer factor they can be dressed up and fancy or still look good with E's casual clothes!

Not only does The Coral Pear offer regular moccasins they also have bow moccasins which are to die for adorable!!

So if you are looking for a great shoe that will stay on your little one's feet I really think you should check out The Coral Pear

I just love Ellie's chubby feet and never want to forget how many times we have gone out shopping with my MIL and she sees a cute pair of shoes or boots for E and I have to exclaim "Yeah those won't fit her fat feet!!"

♥ Ashley


  1. I love chubby baby feetThose moccs are super cute. I love that you can dress then up or be casual. Perfect.

  2. Stopping by from the link up! Those bow moccs are so adorable! I am definitely getting a pair for my girls!

  3. That girl. In those moccs. I'm dying. Such cuteness!!!

  4. Cute overload!! I'm obsessed with mocs!!!

  5. I think Ellie and I have the same feet and ankles right now, lol.


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