Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 12

It seriously feels like I just took pictures and wrote week 11...and here we are again with week 12!! This week just flew right by.  We have officially passed the 4th Trimester and Finnley is very well aware of this new milestone - enter in random crying fits over absolutely nothing....where did my sleeping babe go???

Week 12

Sleeps: girlfriend is still sleeping super well through the night but her naps were all sorts of spotty - must have been something to do with our trip to Mexico.  Although she will sleep just about anywhere which I find to be so beneficial!!  Ellie used to sleep all over the place and it seriously made life so easy and I knew that I wanted to try and have Finnley be that way too!

Eats: Finnley loves to eat, we are still on formula (Similac Sensitive) and go through at least 6 bottles a day.  We picked up these super convenient formula sticks for our plane travel days and they were so great!! No mess and no measuring!

Does: is all smiles in the morning when she wakes up...Thomas says she is just so happy to be alive!  Seriously though it is the cutest thing and I will have to Snapchat it here one day (@alifeonthefarm) because it is just too much! We are working on Tummy Time more and more (turns out we did a lot more of it with Ellie at this age) so now I feel like we need to play some "catch up". Regardless she does have very good head control and has started to be more grabby with her hands!

Goes: on an airplane home from Mexico, taxi's and shuttle rides.  She got to go to the beach (just like Ellie her first beach trip was in another country) Besides that I don't think we really did anything else new ;)

Loves: her hands, which is making it hard to keep them out of her mouth (no thumb suckers in this family!!) but she is also doing great at keeping her paci in her mouth so maybe we won't have a problem with her fingers.  Loving her big sis and the Ergo was the best thing to bring on our trip with us.

Of Note: Finnley is about the same size as her cousin who is 5 months older than her so its pretty funny because her cousin is petite and Finnley is in the 90th percentile for everything.  While we were in Mexico we decided to not pack diaper (save luggage space) and buy diapers when we arrived.  It was super smart but we bought their size 2 diapers which were a tad big on her - it wasn't really a problem until she peed while I was wearing her and the diaper got shifted and she peed all over me and the carrier (both the Ergo and the sling wrap) a couple of times!!! PTL we had a washer/dryer in our penthouse!!  Also Finnley got to celebrate her first 4th of July!! and she slept through it like a champ!! 

Mama: so many great things this week, except that it just flew by!! I loved seeing my girls get to spend so much quality time with their aunt/uncle/cousin and strengthen the bond there but also I just can't help but think about the wonderful similarities that my girls are able to have!!  Ellie's first vacation happened when she was 12 weeks to a hot location and with Thomas' family, their first airplane trip took them out of the country, they both had their first beach experience out of the country and they both got to wear the same dress on their first vacation!!  My mama heart is just so full with these girls and I am so thankful to get to have them in my life!

Sister: Ellie is just 100% obsessed with babies...thankfully she tells us on the hourly that she loves Finnley so much and that Finnley is her favorite baby.  Melts my heart every single time.  She loves to rub her face on Finnley (scenting her???) and is just obsessed with her head and face.  Whenever Finnley cries or makes a sound she will urgently tell us that Finnley needs a bottle and loves to steal Finnley's paci - she thinks its hilarious...

but these two are just the bee's knees or lost in a strawberry field...

♥ Ashley

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  1. Sweet sisters. You do such a great job taking lots of photos and sharing all the details. The girls will love that some day.


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