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The Wednesday Weekly - Week 15

And here we are at another Wednesday! 

I was reflecting today about our first pregnancy...if it hadn't ended in a miscarriage that sweet babe would have turned 5 today.  I could have a five year old!!  That just blows my mind.  Even though I never met that little nugget I love them dearly and think of them every day.  But as I was reflecting and thinking about the bloggers I follow and how they posted weekly bumpdates while pregnant and then how so many of them posted weekly updates once their bundles of joy arrived, I am so grateful for God's plan, not only because Ellie and Finnley wouldn't be a part of our lives but also because I was inspired by those bloggers to document my daughter's first year of life.  Without reading those blog posts I can pretty much guarantee that my 5 year old wouldn't have posts like these - and these posts are my all time favorites.

We have had a super busy week but it also feels like we haven't really done that much, funny how that works.

Week 15

Eats: nothing really new here.  Finnley is all about the bottle and is still having her bouts of spit up.  One thing we noticed this week is that she has gas long after she at least an hour or more.  We were out at a Vietnamese restaurant this week and were served lime with our Pho so we gave Finnley a taste - as you can imagine she wasn't a fan. 

Sleeps: this girl is so much different than Ellie.  Finnley is still being a super sleeper at night.  Her day naps are still inconsistent but I am pretty sure that is normal at 3 months old.  The best part about all of it though is that we can lay Finnley down to go to sleep and 80% of the time she will fall alseep without fussing!! This is so different than Ellie who needed to be rocked/bounced to sleep in our arms and then very delicately transferred to her bed (for about 15 months).  We are so hoping this will continue to be her sleep routine. We do still have her sleeping in the bassinet in our room and are looking into a monitor so we can move her into her nursery.

not quite her crib...but it is her room so I'll call it a win ;)

Goes:  baby girl was still in Vancouver, BC and she went to all our favorite places.  We went out to lunch at the best Italian spot and she hung out on the booth just like Ellie did on her first visit there.  We made our way to Granville Island and the market and enjoyed a slice of Pride Cake, well we did - Finnley had a bottle.  We also made a quick trip to our local Farmers Market on Saturday, went to a new park on Sunday, and went to visit my best childhood friend in a quaint little town, Poulsbo.

Does: smiles all the time, cries for attention and as soon as she sees you or you pick her up she gives all the smiles, holds her head up, hates tummy time but can roll onto her side from back to side, drools all over the place and has the best burps.

Loves: to smile, to make all the noises, the baby swing and infant walker, her sister, mama and dada, and girfriend is finally getting more comfortable in her car seat but prefers it to be moving.

Of Note: Finnley babe is tall and it's time for me to move the straps on her car seat so she can fit in it better.  I can tell that she is taking everything in and is incredibly observant and even though she has her meltdowns she really is the sweetest babe.

Mama: Finnley is a mama's girl right now and I L O V E love it!  She wants to be held all the time (slight exaggeration) and my heart is so full and happy.  Last year when we had our 5th miscarriage it flipped a switch in my and as funny as it sounds I am a much happier person.  I finally accepted my infertility and was able to get out of the depths of it.  I have found myself again this year and just feel like I am in a much better place in my life.  Having this new outlook on life has really allowed me to truly and fully enjoy this special time with Finnley girl and to embrace all of her goodness.

Sister:  once again Ellie is all about her sister.  She tells me all the time that "I love Finnley so much" and whenever we are going to go somewhere she always wants Finnley to come too (like we'd leave her behind!!) We got out all of the infant toys this week and Ellie was so excited about the "TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" that she is having a hard time sharing them with her sister but is actually doing a really good job of it. I could only have hoped that Ellie would love her sister as much as she does and I can't believe how lucky I am that she does.  And we do get to have a sister picture this week because when I mentioned to Ellie that it was time for Finnley's photo shoot, she marched right into her room and got her bunny and sheepskin so she could have pictures too!

♥ Ashley

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  1. She is getting so big so fast! I really wish I had been a blogger when my girls were little. So many precious moments that would have been so much fun to document.


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