Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 13

Not only is today Finnley's 13th week but it's also her 3rd Monthday!! Hooray!!  This week we were pretty busy just living life that I didn't get too many pictures...I guess that's the way it goes sometimes but we've been enjoying it nonetheless.

Week 13

Eats: I've been trying to keep count of how many bottles our sweet babe is going through a day and I keep forgetting after her 4th bottle...I'm guessing that she's probably taking in about 8 bottles a day with 4 ounces each for a total of 24 ounces a day on the average. We're still using Similac Sensitive formula and our beloved Dr. Browns bottles. She is still spitting up, not quite as much but I'm pretty sure I need to make a trip up to the attic to get down all of Ellie's old bibs. 

Sleeps: we aren't having a consistent nap schedule lately, might have something to do with is being super busy and such.  It doesn't seem to be a problem because she is still a great sleeper at night: from about 8:30pm - 6/6:30 am. Naps go better if she's swaddled but I want her to be able to sleep without it. Finnley girl is still sleeping in the bassinet right next to me in our room. I'm hoping to get her a monitor pretty soon so we can start transitioning her into her room. She is such a good sleeper that I'm so much more comfortable with it (Ellie on the other hand still wakes in the night...)

Goes: this week was pretty busy with Ellie having swimming and gymnastics lessons back to back, hanging out at home and making a trip to the farmers market! Also on Monday we went to look at two houses, neither one is the right fit but we all have a better idea of what "works" for us. 

Does: Finnley can hold her head up during tummy time - for a short amount of time and then once her neck gets tired she hates tummy time. She does the best when we are in Ellie's room. We also got out the Johnny Jump Up, which we rarely used with Ellie because she was so short and her chin didn't meet the top, but Finnley has been doing so great. She can swing herself a bit and get herself turned around, she likes to hold onto things so we give her what it easily accessible: like tampons...girlfriend better get used to those!

Loves: her car seat (she sleeps so well in the car), the Johnny Jump Up, laying around, trying to sit up (with our help), smiling in the morning, and blowing bubbles with her drool. 

Of Note: she is 3 months old today and I  think I will do a tri-monthly update post on her for that. We've been practicing sitting up and she can do it for a nanosecond. She's drooling a lot more and has the sweetest smiles. She is no longer a fan of the bath so we're going to force her to like it, along with getting lotion applied, getting her diaper changed and appreciating tummy time ;)  We also had our first fire of the summer and both girls did very well with them, Finnley slept during most of it - but at this point that comes as no surprise.

Mama: I'm in disbelief that my sweet baby girl is already 3 months old. She's found her voice and now her crying is hitting me to the core and I want to just fix whatever it is so I don't have to hear it. Every time she smiles it melts my heart and I honestly cannot wait for her to get a bit older, more independent and interactive to get to see her relationship and friendship with Ellie blossom and grow! I pray that I can raise both my girls to be the best of friends with each other. 

Sister: oh my word, I had no idea that Ellie could love her sister any more but somehow she can and she does. She wants Finnley to be more interactive with her so she "helps" her to roll over, which results in crying (both girls) and getting in trouble.  But Ellie still exclaims at least 10 times a day that "I love Finnley so much" or "I love my sister so much".  Ellie has also gained some more independence and I love having her in her own gymnastics lessons where I don't have to follow her around!  This week's pictures were so cute it was hard choosing a favorite, I was able to narrow it down to 2 so I'll just leave them both here for y'all.

I really don't have the words to express how much I love being a mom, a girl mom, and a girl mom of two!!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. 3 months?! Can't even believe it. Your girls are gorgeous :).

  2. aaawww, so sweet! I miss having little ones!

  3. Both your girls are so beautiful! <3

  4. I can't believe it's been three months already (3rd Monthday, LOL) Sounds like you all are adjusting to life as 4. I miss seeing you guys. We are signing up for something next round. we need to get out! Play date?


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