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{favorites} baby items 3 to 6 months

To see what got us through the first 3 months click here.

Ellie became way more interactive during her 3-6 months than her newborn stage.  She learned to sit up on her own, started teething, and really played with her toys.  She started to show some favoritism to some but generally she likes to play with all of them!

A home decor collage from February 2014
1.  Ergo Baby Carrier. I actually have the Galaxy Grey one and I got is second hand (only spent about half of what it is in the stores) I was previously using a Mei Tai carrier but once I put this puppy on I knew it was the one for me.  I felt so much more comfortable in and Ellie looked way more comfortable.  She actually fell asleep in it the first time I wore it and its been our go-to ever since.   I am planning on getting the infant insert for our next baby.

2. Summer Infant Swaddle Me sacks. As Ellie started growing and moving her arms more, we looked into trying out a swaddle/sleep sack.  She still prefers to keep her arms in tight (and sleeps much better and longer that way).  So we tried out these guys.  World changed, soon swaddling became so much easier and quicker and we could almost do it without waking her up.  Not to mention that they have leopard print and other cute fabrics as well.

3. Baltic Amber Necklace. I was a little skeptical about how well these things worked but let me tell you.  After we got this on her we saw a huge change in her personality (not that she was bad) and she seemed to be "less upset" about her incoming teeth.  The amount of drool may or may not have subsided.  In the beginning I was worried about her sleeping with the necklace on, so we took it off at night.  Now we are much more confident in how that works and she basically has it on all the time (except for baths).  We love it!

4. Evenflow Exersaucer Triple Fun - Life in the Amazon. What a fabulous contraption.  We chose this one A. because of the animals and B. because it could work as a play mat, exersaucer and then as an activity station for when Ellie is standing on her own.  The colors are great, it lights up, makes music and has lots of things for her to play with.  It also was short enough that girlfriend could touch the bottom without the need of a blanket!

5. Disney Happily Ever After Music & Lights Walker.This thing is so much fun!  I love that the tray slides out so she has more area for other toys or snacks to munch on.  She is too short to reach to floor but she loves to go "Vroom-vroom" as we spin and push her around like a car!  The nice thing about this is it nearly folds in half for easy transport.  We have brought it to our families homes so we have a place to put Ellie so we don't have to hold her the whole time. 

6. NUK Gerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons.  I love love love these spoons!  I can't get enough of them. I was attracted to them because they are PVC and BPA free and they were advertised with having a "Spatula edge helps wipe food from baby's mouth".  And that spatula tip has been my most favorite feature. I can really get all the food out of bowls and then get her mouth super clean!  Best feeding utensil I have found so far!

7. Cloud B Gentle Giraffe. this was so wonderful to have.  I love that it is a giraffe (basically my fave animal) and that it was soft, plush and had several soothing sounds options.  The volume isn't too loud and you can even velcro it to your crib slats!  This giraffe also came with a sweet little book/pamphlet talking about safari animals and their habitats! I loved how educational it was and can't wait to share that with Ellie when she is older!

8. Oball Rattle. After working with small children and in the nursery at church I knew this rattle was a total winner. It's great because if it's shape and opening really allow small hands to grasp and is lightweight enough for them to lift and wave. Plus the rattle sound is intriguing. Ellie loves the orange color and has so much fun with it!!

9. Sophie the Giraffe. After Thomas and I got married I started my research on baby items and fell in love with this adorable teether. (Little did I know we wee going to have so much difficulty bringing a baby home) Sophie really is a great teether! It took a while longer than I thought for Ellie to catch on but since there are so many different angles and parts to chew on she is a total hit. She is also super fun because she has a squeaker!!

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