Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{weekly update} week 42

Today my sweet little love is 42 weeks old. That means that in just 10 weeks she will be a whole year old!!! I better start getting serious about planning her birthday party!! I can't believe how much she has changed this last week. I love her more and more everyday.

Eats: baby girl is really enjoying feeding herself. She loves bread of any kind and was so excited for apples and apricots yesterday. We have started introducing a sippy cup (with water) it's going to take some time as she is confused as to which end to use! Ha

Sleeps: this has been challenging week for sleep.  Girlfriend is still being swaddled at night - but free sleeping for her naps.  She has been waking up frequently at night - so we go in, give her her binky, rock her back to sleep, and put her down again.  After the 3rd or 4th time we are "done" with that so we just bring her into our bed and she is fairly good the rest of the night.  A few wake ups but since she is right there we can put the binky back in without fully waking up!  It is working for us right now (and I actually love it because I miss her so much when we put her down in her crib....) but I know it is going to have to stop here pretty soon.  Last night she actually made it the whole night in her crib - YAYA!

Goes: Ok can I just tell you how much fun Ellie is having being able to ride in shopping carts?  I love that my SIL gave us this shopping cart cover (I feel like its so much safer and cleaner).  Pie has been to church, restaurants, Costco, and shopping.  Pretty much the regular - nothing new.  She also went to JC Penney to get her 9 month photos.  We had a much better experience this time and got 16 photos!!  (last time for her 6 month pics we only got 4 and she hated it). She was a total peach.

Loves: The puppies, sucking on strings/blankets/clothes/headbands/anything really.  Her toys are a big hit and she is loving her Activity cube. 

Does: she is starting to "army crawl" a little bit.  Also EF took two steps on her own on Sunday at church!! What a big girl! she hasn't done it again but hey that is pretty exciting! She really enjoys holding our hands and walking around.  Its so nice because she can "walk" to where she wants to go and play with the toys she wants to! I love it.  She is still pretty stuck on "dadadada" I try to get her to say "mamama" but it hasn't caught on yet.  We are trying to teach her sign language: more, food, all done.  But she has made up her own sign for "more" its so cute!

she also took her first "selfie" this week.

And some of her clothes fit a little funny - I may or may not have helped with this one - but her belly button was poking out a little so I made it more apparent and then took a pic - she wasn't pleased!
(FYI this happened as I was putting her into the car seat - have no fear we weren't driving!)

Mama: This last week was rough with the 2 year anniversary of my mom passing.  But this little girl just makes me so happy! I love her to the moon and back (probably even more than that).  Aside from remembering our losses I have felt ok.  Migraines have hit hard and I have been pretty tired.  I am sick of missing out on my baby girls' life when I have migraines so I am going to go see a specialist about it.  They say you "grow out" of them but I think they are getting worse....

Dear sweet Ellie Faith, words cannot express how much I love you and how blessed I am to have you in my life.  You light up my world and bring me so much joy. I love every moment with you and am so thankful that I have you to wake me up at 12:30 in the morning! 

♥ Ashley


  1. You girls are adorable!! And love her selfie!


  2. What do you have planned for her birthday party? I just love kids birthday parties. :-)


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