Tuesday, March 18, 2014

{weekly update} week 43

This week was by far one of my most favorite weeks of Ellie's life to date. She is such a little punkin and I love her so. We did many things this past week and she is really just the best baby.

Eats: girlfriend gets roughly 28 ounces of formula a day and then some solids. She is really enjoying being fed by the spoon - both fruits and veggies. We tried yogurt but she didn't like it. Her newest foods are cheese and french fries and she loves both!!

Sleeps: Ellie decided to roll over onto her stomach while sleeping so she is no longer being swaddled at night. It has been a little bit of a transition but it still freaks me out when I look in the baby monitor and she is on her tummy. (Mama's how do you handle it?)

Goes: Baby girl got to go to church, out to lunch at The Powerhouse in Puyallup, dinner at Bobs Burgers (ate some french fries and burger buns), spend time at her Nanny's house, lunch at Jimmy Johns (ate cheese and bread from our Vito + mayo and peppers) grocery shopping, shopping at Michaels and Pier 1. 

Then out to dinner with my Daddy for my birthday at FX McRory's and see the bag piping band (she loved it!).  It got pretty loud and we tried "earmuffs" with our hands an she wouldn't have it. 
Pretty busy week. 

Loves: anything that makes noise, her activity cube, Exersaucer, empty water bottles, "Pop goes the Weasle" song, and sleeping on her tummy.  She really likes being part of our measl in high chairs at restaurants and we love having her. 

Does: her pretend army crawl that really is just a reach and roll. Assisted walking. And lots of "talking" no new teeth yet. Also self feeds pretty good. She waves "hi-hi" and "bye-bye" also she gives high fives. 

Mama: had so much fun celebrating Green week with Miss E. Lots of fun things leading up to my birthday I can't believe I'm 30. I did have a really bad migraine on Saturday, this is the third Saturday in a row that I've gotten a migraine and is getting to be pretty ridiculous. I understand that they come at periods of rest after a stressful time so I guess I get pretty stressed out at work lately.  But other than that doing pretty good enjoying my time with my sweet Ellie Faith.

My dearest sweet Ellie Fatith how I love you so. You made me have so much fun on my birthday I am so grateful that you were there to celebrate with me. You are just the sweetest little girl and I had so much fun this week with you.  I love you.

♥ Ashley 


  1. We have that same green romper & love it!! So cute!!


  2. That green romper is adorable! She looks so grown up the in the white cardigan and headband - so sweet! As for the rolling over... it took me about 2 weeks to get used to it. I would wake up and check the monitor multiple times a night - she was always fine. Sometimes I snuck in to make sure I could hear her breathing. I had to adjust to it at a really young age - Callie started rolling over before 3 months so I had to get used to it super fast and she slept better for it. At Ellie's age I wouldn't worry mama! At 22mo Callie still sleep on her tummy most nights with her butt in the air! Yet I always lay her down on her back :)


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