Thursday, March 20, 2014

30th Birthday Recap

If you are new here, I just turned 30 on Monday. 
(St. Patricks Day)

I was all ready to post on my birthday day but then as you know life happened.
My day was pretty "traditional" in the sense I went to school/work (I am a teacher) and then we went to FX McRory's for dinner.  It was just me, my Daddy, Thomas and Ellie.  We go there every year.  It is so much fun.  Its an Irish Pub in downtown Seattle and they go all out for this holiday.
The decor is all green with Irish Flags everywhere.
They have live music with a traveling band trio that goes to tables and plays traditional Irish Music as well as the Keith Highlanders Pipe Band with dancing girls and boys!
It is quite the celebration!

This year was so much fun because Ellie got to join us!! YAYA and boy did she love it!  She got to sit in the high chair and eat puffs, mashed potatoes and french fries!
I just loved that she was a good sport and able to enjoy the festivities.  The band came right by our table and we tried to put earmuffs (our hands) over her ears but she wouldn't have it!! lol

I had a wonderful day and so enjoyed spending the evening with Thomas, Ellie and my Daddy. 

So here's to 30!!


  1. Happy Birthday! I love that family photo -- Ellie must be irish she looks so good in green! :)

  2. Ellie does really look gorgeous in green! So do you!


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