Monday, March 3, 2014

Our Weekend

This weekend was a total sh!t show.  

Ellie came down with her first vomit on Friday.  In the morning she got Nanny in the face (too bad I missed that one) and it came out of her nose. Then later around 6:30pm she vomited all over me and again it came out of her nose. It took her a good five minutes to calm down but then she was happy as a clam.  Then came the diarrhea. I think she had about 8 outfit changes over the course of the weekend and we had to wash her Exersaucer seat and walker seat (they were due for a wash anyways but this got the ball rolling).  She doesn't seem to e too bothered by it all and is in good spirits.  Such is life with a baby and I wouldn't trade it for anything! hashtag Momlife and hashtag lovingit!!

Since Ellie was feeling just fine we decided to stop at RR for dinner (it was on our meal plan).  While we were waiting the 20 minutes for our table I ran over to Ross to see if I couldn't find a cheap pair of jeans: success!! $15 and they fit like a glove! Now I have an "appropriate" pair to wear to work on "Jean days"! (Read once every other month). I saw the mat beautiful sunset an have to share. 

Saturday I went shopping with my soon to be SIL for her wedding. We are figuring our table number signs. They are going to be super cute. Then Saturday night Thomas caught Ellie's bug and he had it way worse. (Thankfully). 

Sunday Ellie and I got to hang out all day while Daddy was in bed recovering. We went shopping, got a second look at our taxes, took naps and I got our house cleaned up a bit. It was so fun being with my girl. I live for days like these and she was a total peach! She is so much fun and is mimicking noises now - still no "Mama" but I love her anyways!!

Needless to say that we didn't have much of a chance to discuss our meal plan this week and Thomas started tennis today so it's back to late nights home for him. 

How was your weekend?


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  1. Oh no!! I'm SO SORRY! Mia has yet to have a stomach bug but I am dreading the day she catches it! So miserable! I hope EVERYONE is feeling much better?!

  2. Aw, poor thing! But I'm glad she didn't seem to be too bothered by it. I hope she's feeling better! My weekend was super busy but super productive. Now, how many days until it's the weekend again??


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