Sunday, March 16, 2014

[meal planning] St. Pat's Week Menu!!

Oh my gosh. Tomorrow I will be 30 years old. How did that happen?  I mean one year I was 17, then 24 and getting married and then here I am somehow 3 decades old. It's wild.

Here's our menu for this week: 

Monday: it's my birthday. So we are going to FX McRorys in Seattle to celebrate. It's a tradition. We only missed it last year because we were meeting Ellie's birthmom for the first time. 

Tuesday: we are going to have buffalo chicken strips with a blue cheese salad (thanks PW for the recipe).  I made the chicken bite for the Super Bowl and they were so good we figure we will try them in a strip form (that way we won't eat too many?)

Wednesday: I have a lasagna that I made in the freezer and it's been calling my name. 

Thursday: Thomas has a tennis match (weather permitting) so we are just goin to be casual with some leftovers. 

Friday: for some reason I have been craving shrimp. So we are going to have some sort of shrimp pairs with some yummy crab legs and roasted red potatoes and biscuits! Yumm. 

Saturday: Ellie's birthmom is coming into town so we are going to spend the day with her. We are going out to lunch and then in making whatever she wants for dinner. We are so looking forward to this time!

Sunday: soup as usual. I have had my eye on this Chicken-pasta pesto soup and it's going in my tummy this week!!

What are you having for dinner this week? I would love to know any of your favorites to put into our rotation!! Let me know in the comments below!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Happy birthday!!!! I jus turned 30 too! ;)

  2. Happy Birthday!! I hope you enjoy your day and yummy dinner! The shrimp dinner you have planned sounds yummy too !

  3. Happy Birthday! 30 is AWESOME, I just turned the big 30 in December and I LOVE it. So much more distinguished than your 20 somethings ;).

  4. Happy happy birthday to you! I'm sorry I'm late to the party but I hope you had a fantastic day! :-)


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