Friday, March 14, 2014

{favorites} kitchen items

I have seen several of these posts lately (like within the past six months) and I wanted to share my love list.  This list is dedicated to the kitchen!

A home decor collage from March 2014

I love all of these items and while I may not use them all on a daily basis they definitely have made my cooking life easier (and healthier!?)

1. Kuhn Rikon Knives.  I love these things.  They stay pretty sharp.  Can go in the dishwasher!! Total win in my book - I mean who likes hand washing things when they can go in the dishwasher??  Also they have a cover cap so you can throw them into a drawer or they travel to work safely!!

2. French Press Coffee Maker.  Seriously ladies this makes the BEST coffee - its so smooth and doesn't have that metallic taste you get from a brewer.  We don't use this often but it sure is a special treat!

3. One Piece Rubber Spatula.  These puppies are pretty hard to find but once you get them they will change your world! They have all sorts of sizes and colors, go in the dishwasher and since they are one piece food can't get stuck anywhere!! LOVE IT!

4. Fat Separator.  This is the best for soup or gravy.  All you do is poor your cooking juices/liquid/broth into this thing and let it sit for a few minutes.  All the fat will rise to the top and since the spout comes out from the bottom you just poor it back into your pan/pot and stop right before the fat starts to go up the spout.  No more greasy gravy or that gross fat layer on your soup!!

5. Ceramic Coated Cast Iron.  While lots of people love the Le Cruset brand you can get a cheaper version just about anywhere (target, ross, marshalls, or tjmaxx).  These are awesome for making soups, stews or even braising in the oven.  I love them because they hold the heat in well and can go from stove top to oven and even back to the stove top if need be.  If you don't have one of these - go get one!!

Since my birthday is on Monday (yes that is St. Patrick's Day) I am hosting a giveaway for one of my favorite Kuhn Rikon knives!!
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giveaway ends at 9:00pm PST on 3/17/2014

♥ Ashley


  1. I 100% agree with one piece rubber spatulas. I need to get new knives for my kitchen as the one time in my life that I had a roommate, she invited people over and used my kitchen knives to carve pumpkins (not joking)... Those that you list first look pretty and would match my Kitchenaid too!

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  3. Those rubber spatulas are wonderful! I can't stand when food gets stuck between the pieces of other spatulas! It's funny how much kitchen accessories get me excited!! =)

    p.s My email can be found by clicking my name =)

  4. Birthday month twins! I'm the 25th

  5. You know I've been lusting over those knives ever since you posted about it!!

  6. I LOVE my spatulas they look just like the pic you posted, I adore them SO easy to clean.

    And the knives look amazing. Following you!

  7. I love your blog! Such an inspiring adoption story!

  8. I have one of those same knives, but in pink! I actually put it in with our camping stuff because the cover is so nice and handy. :-)


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