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{favorites} baby items 6 to 9 months

As Ellie has become more mobile and quite the little busy body.  We have found these items to be life saving. Not only are these great for her waking hours but some have really given us peace of mind (and restful nights) while she is sleeping. Click to see our Newborn-3 Months or 3 Months - 6 Months Faves

A home decor collage from March 2014

Bassinet we really liked this bassinet (when we finally decided to use it!!) I loved that it was portable and able to fit through our narrow doorways. It was great for having Ellie sleeping in it in our bedroom and in the living room for her naps. This bassinet also had some pretty cool features with a night light, lullabye music (adjustable volume) and a vibrating option (adjustable intensity). 

Sophie by far a huge favorite. As Ellie really began to teethe during these months Sophie was great for her little hands to grip and all the different angles she could chew on. 

Activity Cube  we loved this. Ellie go it for a Christmas present and it has been so much fun watching her play and discover. I think it was a huge proponent in helping her to stand and squat and pull up on her own. She also is pretty good at moving the beads on the wires (mostly just up).

Ergo Carrier: I love this item more and more every time I put it on and then wonder to myself why I don't use it more often?!  It is so comfortable and Ellie fits so well in it. I also am so grateful at how easy it is to put on. My favorite is how I can be hands free while still being close to Ellie and that she can nap in it as well!!

Exersaucer: girlfriend loves this toy/piece if equipment. I love how interactive it is and all the different activities it provides. Ellie loves to jump in it and it is great for when we need her to be contained while we prepare dinner or do light housework. I am excited to use this in its "Stage 3" option for when Ellie is up and walking/cruising.

Ring Links: these are awesome. They link together, duh, and make a fun jingling noise that Ellie loves to shake them. I love that we can attach them to just about anything; walker, Exersaucer, car seat, stroller, high chairs and that we can attach certain toys to them as well. These are definitely a great investment.

Baby Monitor: absolutely necessary for the overly anxious mom (like me) who is so nervous having her little baby in the other room while sleeping. It has night vision, a good range of motion, two-way communication and we can use it all over our house and in our yard!!

Sleep Sacks: since Ellie still preferred and slept better when swaddled we love the ease of these swaddle sleep sacks.  The Velcro works great and doesn't lose it's ability to stick even after multiple washes. I love the colors and patterns they come in and that they have a size large enough for Ellie. They get a pretty snug fit and don't stretch out too much.

We loved all of these items and more for this age range. Ellie also liked to play with some kitchen items. Like Tupperware, measuring cups, an spatulas!!

I hope this list helps you get an idea of what items an be used into the 6-9 month range!  Click on the favorites label to see our top picks for 'newborn to 3 months' and '3 to 6 month faves'

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  1. We love Sophie ... & the ergo! I still use the ergo!

  2. Awesome, I already have a lot of these items ready to go!


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