Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Saint Patricks Day Weekend

I am a little late to posting this - but its been a little crazy lately.  I am just now starting to catch up on my blog reading so I am behind.  Hey, it happens to the best of us right?

What a hell of a day. I may or may not have over-reacted.  Ok I did.  On Friday's Ellie gets to spend the day with Nanny (my MIL).  I was all prepared for an awesome day (I even straightened my hairs for good measure).  
I was running early - when does that ever happen? - and decided to pack up the truck prior to getting Ellie in the car seat.  So I go out to my vehicle and unlock to doors to get everything situated and then go to close my driver side door and it won't close. 
 Its raining and my truck is NOT in the garage.  I tried to fix the problem area of the door - not happening AND I was getting grease all over my fingers and I was wearing my HELLO sweatshirt for the first time and my hairs were getting wet.  I got super frustrated, called my MIL to come and get me and then I had to figure out how to play real life tetris to get my large truck into our little garage.  I may or may not have broken a table in the process.  But hey, I couldn't leave my truck with the door ajar in my neighborhood all day, nor could I leave it in the garage with the door open.
I got it to fit (with a 1/4 inch to spare between the bumper and the garage door) and then my MIL came and saved the day. 

After that debacle my day got better. We went out for dinner at Bob's Burgers and I had their Sourdough Burger - YUM!  Ellie had some french fries and was the best little restaurant goer!

I had my third Saturday Migraine in a row.  I was a mess.  Thomas dropped us off at my MILs house while he went to the Sounders Soccer Game and she took care of Ellie while I napped, took a shower, stretched, took a bath, napped, and did everything I could to feel better.  Finally I called my dad and had him get me a Rx for migraine medicine (since he is out of samples at his office).  Those things are EXPENSIVE and insurance doesn't cover them because they don't have a generic brand!! But oh my goodness is that some good stuff! I was feeling better nearly 10 minutes after taking it!!

I like to spend as many days celebrating my birthday as I can - I always have and probably always will - I mean I'm a pretty important person right?  My birthday should be a National Holiday!! lol
We spend the day celebrating my birthday a day early (I'm a St. Patricks Day baby) just the three of us!  It was such a wonderful time.
We went to Jimmy John's to get our Vito sandwich add mayo and peppers.  I love mayo.  [One of my fave snacks growing up was a piece of Wonderbread with Mayo.] And Ellie was a rockstar in the high chair joining us.  Then we took a looky lou around Pier 1 and Michaels.  Then to TJ Maxx for a picture frame and JC Penney to pick up Ellie's 9 month photos.  We made our last stop into JoAnns so I could get some fabric for a Toddler TeePee that a friend is going to make Ellie for her 1st birthday!! And then to the grocery store for Soup Supplies.

I have found that its those days spent with Thomas and Ellie that are really my favorite things.  I love that Ellie is so easy going and is able to join us on our adventures!

♥ Ashley

 how was your weekend?


  1. I LOVE that hello sweatshirt! Super super cute.

    Okay. Wonderbread with mayo? Ohhh girl.

  2. I've been seeing those hello shirts on a few different people now and may just have to order one! :) Sounds like a fun weekend!

  3. Love your hello shirt!! I've been meaning to order one, looks adorable! Hope your headaches are now a thing of the past. *fingers crossed* Have a great rest of your week.


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