Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Little Things #7

Oh its the Little Things that really make life worth living.  Sometimes we forget to enjoy them or take them for granted.  One thing I am really loving right now and want to make sure that I remember it, is how much Ellie is moving around and discovering her world.

My little sweetheart is in love with our dogs.  Especially Cooper (our min-pin) I don't blame her because he is just the cutest. The funny thing is, Cooper is only ok with being near Ellie when it is HIS idea, if I try to bring Ellie near him he "runs away".   Although he is much better than Sakari (our husky).  He is just nervous and Ellie isn't the most gentle.  But I am just loving watching her with the puppies and wanting to play with them!

Ellie has  started army crawling and I think she is enjoying her new found "freedom" or ability to get to the toys she wants to play with.  I think we are going to be making a lot of forts when she is older because girlfriend is always ending up underneath the chairs or her crib!

As Ellie is getting stronger and more aware of what she can accomplish on her own, pulling up is a new favorite past time.  She is also getting super brave and taking steps while holding on!

She is obsessed with squatting and standing back up.  I swear she does at least 20 reps before she is on to something new!

And she loves to make this face.  I think that we should start a new "fish face" craze to take over for the duck face because I am in love with this!

again playing under the chair.....

We have started to introduce a sippy cup and she loves the water bottles as well. But she is "doing it wrong" because she rarely gets the mouth piece end in her mouth!!

I love this little girl and am so thankful she is in my life!

♥ Ashley

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  1. You are so right - it's the little things that count!

  2. I love that little fish face!! SO cute!

  3. So sweet, she is precious! I love that the dog is checking her out!

  4. Aw, I'm sure she's having so much fun exploring the world! Before you know it she's going to be walking and then you're really in trouble! LOL ;-)

  5. Oh my gosh! She is mobile! So cute!

  6. mobile babies are so fun! I love that she loves the puppies. I totally love the huskies name - sakari -- I had a neighbor with a husky by the same name! :)


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